Hello Abuja!!

Hi everyone, I hope you guys are having a good week. The week has been very interesting to say the least. I am now a licensed Doctor in Nigeria (Thank God!).  I had to travel to Abuja for my induction. I had never been to Abuja so i was a bit excited. I decided to stay with a friend from school and that was probably the best decision I made this week.

I got to Abuja on Sunday and I pretty much just slept the whole day. Monday morning, I woke up and got ready for my induction. We were to be there by 9a.m but we all know Nigerian time. They did not start so late tho. We were all sitted and the dignitaries were welcomed. We swore the Hippocratic oath and got our license. After the event, we took some pictures. It was so hot and crowded that I could not go around looking for my friends to take pictures with them. I did manage to take some pictures though. Thank Goodness.

On Tuesday, i had to go check out some places and then later met up with my friend that lives in Abuja. We went to the coolest place ever. I don’t know if I find it cool just because I’m coming from the Caribbean and that’s the kind of vibe I’m used to. We talked and laughed and then I had to go home because my friend told me they usually go to church on Tuesdays. The service was amazing. I was moved. Anyway, after the service we went back home and I went to bed because i was so tired and i had to wake up early the next morning for my flight to Lagos.

I just got back to Lagos. I’m not so excited to be back lowkey. Abuja is so much cooler, nicer and calmer. Here are some pictures from the induction and my time in Abuja.IMG_3858 (2)





















P.S – I am most likely moving to another state in Nigeria for my Housejob aka internship. I am so excited.


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