Hello everyone! It’s Saturday already! No, seriously! This year is going to be over next week or something at this rate. Anyway, today is day 12 and we are talking about our favorite childhood book.

We were raised in a Christian home. My dad was a Pastor and we were in church almost every day of the week. I attended Mayflower junior school in Ogun State. When you’re in boarding school, you’re trying to do everything but actually read books. I can’t even remember having free time then. When we returned home for holidays, we would get so busy trying to have fun before going back to the struggle life called boarding school. I honestly don’t remember reading a lot when I was younger. I mean, I read school books sha. My favorite book then was ‘My Book of Bible Stories’. This book made the stories in the bible so interesting and intriguing. (PICTURE WAS GOTTEN FROM THIS SITE)



I really don’t have much memory of the books I read growing up. I read a lot of Mills and boons in high school. Romance and fiction. One major book that stood out for me as a child was ‘ My Book of Bible Stories’.

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