DISCLAIMER: The views in this post are completely mine and are not influenced by alcohol, drugs or the owners of this blog. There is also no personal vendetta hidden in this piece. Read with an open mind and be blessed as you do so.

If you like, vex.

I know normally, most of you come here to read about the fashion, life experiences and general stuff from T & T, but today, I’ve carried my big head to talk about something completely different. This is what happens when you grant people like me access to your blog; I just start talking about stuff.

Last time, I assume I was quite useful when I wrote about gifts and what people sorta expect from their partners but today, permit me to talk about this epidemic that seems to have befallen our nation. It is a really serious issue and I sense the calling of the lord upon my life to address it.



Let’s talk about Vlogs, shall we?

Just in case you live in bush back side area of inu-igbo local government and you aren’t exactly sure what a Vlog is, let me shed some light on it:

This is a blog, mostly because the content is written.

Now, it becomes a Vlog (video-blog) when I decide to sit in front of my PC webcam or camera and record all this in a video.

Sho get e?

These days, you go online and you discover almost everyone has a YouTube channel. I mean, I know the country is hard and employment can be a female dog but my nigga, you really think this online video life is for you? Oh you heard you can make upwards of $1000 monthly via google ads and so you open a youtube channel to talk about anything?

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t some of you that are really repping and doing well, I’ve stumbled across some online vloggers who seem to be doing ok but let’s be honest – majority don’t even know what the entire hell they are talking about.

Ladies, you carry brush and can use words like “fleek”, “contour” and “lighting” so you must definitely be a makeup artist? Because you have quite a collection of powders and lipsticks, this makes you an authority on face beating? LMAOOO… Aunty, maybe you should focus on your book o. I watched Bolly the other day and he basically did justice to this cadre of people.

No doubt, some out there are good at it, beyond the tips they share, they take time to put their video together and also communicate effectively. But if you know you have nothing to say worth hearing, maybe, just maybe o, you should consider saving our and your data.

For the guys as well, you do know that not everyone is naturally funny ba? What is it with the new belief that you’re the next Ali baba or Basketmouth? Who are the friends that keep encouraging you to embarrass yourself on YouTube, Instagram videos and Snapchat? It takes a lot to be CONSISTENTLY funny, I mean, we may “hahaha” or “LWTMB” on one particular joke, does this now mean that you should open business on our head? Please try to be having mercy.

To wrap this up though, I agree that creativity is relative and everyone is just trying to hustle to make it in this life, do you baby girl, rock on baby boy, but while you’re hustling, give yourself brain sometimes. Don’t be like the ones that “shout out to rape victims” or the ones that constantly laugh at their own jokes. If the thing is not working, move on.

God bless us all.

– @Sirkastiq

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