In most parts of the normal world, and also Nigeria (thankfully), February 14th
has been set aside as a day when people confess and show love for one
another in various ways and forms. It’s a day appreciation is shown to family
and friends (Not saying you should not do so on other days oh). Beyond the
external outpouring of love, you should show a little bit of self-love and
compassion for yourself. Yup you! And no, it doesn’t make you look pathetic
or alone, it goes a long way to make a diff in your day. I’ll be doing all listed
below, join me and let’s make today special, shall we?

1. ACCEPT YOURSELF – We all want to be better, there are goals waiting to
be ticked off and it can sometimes get overwhelming. Accepting oneself is
about owning your flaws, weakness, strengths, what makes you you?
Nobody is perfect, so there are things we do not like about ourselves,
things we are insecure about. To think there was a time I hated my legs
because I felt they were too thin, at some point I was obsessed with adding
weight! How about we accept who we are and love it anyways?
This doesn’t mean you should trash your goals, say bye-bye to working out
or give up on attaining your desired looks, I’m just saying for today, accept
you as you are and love yourself anyway. Say after me “I’M FEARFULLY,

2. TREAT YOURSELF – Whatever it is that makes you look and feel your
best, how about you do just that. Massage? A glass/bottle of your favorite
wine? Cheese cake? Treat yourself, you deserve it.
3. COMPLIMENT SOMEONE – Be mindful of your environment today, that
girl with the beautiful hair, tell her. The colleague with the amazing work
ethic, let him know. Your mum and her delicious meal, your caring best
friend. Giving honest compliments (which is different from flattery btw) is a
major stress reliever – it puts a smile on your face, joy in your heart and a
feel-good factor in the soul of the person you’ve complimented. Everyone

4. 7 THINGS YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF – Grab a pen and a notepad,
write out seven things you love about yourself, it could be internal or
external, it could be your smile, your hair, your hand writing, anything. Oh,

do not limit yourself to seven. We need to remind ourselves that we are
awesome. You can share these in the comment box as well. Let’s
celebrate ourselves.

5. CALL A FRIEND – That one person that makes you laugh until your face
hurts from laughing, that one person that you enjoy talking to, call them up
right away. Oh c’mon, it doesn’t matter if you spoke to them just an hour
ago, there must be people you can reach out to. Just make someone’s day
6. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS – Yes, literally attempt to count your
blessings, the things you are grateful for, how will you not feel great after
this? While you might think you have nothing to be thankful for, start with
life, move on to health, you may not have a million in the bank yet but be
thankful for the ability to make that million soon, be thankful for safety, for
air you breathe, eyes that see, hands that can move, a tongue that tastes,
a bed to lay on. There are so much we take for granted but are assets of
this thing called life, and it’s he that learns to be grateful in little, that will
have much to be thankful for.
7. CELEBRATE ACCOMPLISHMENTS – If you were able to carry out all
this, yup, we gotta drink to that! Celebrate all wins, big or small, whether
you got to work on time, you paid your bills, we have to be our own
cheerleader, give yourself a pat on the back for all the goals you smashed.
8. GIVE TO SOMEONE IN NEED – Let us put a smile on someone’s face
today, you do not have to be elaborate if you cannot afford it; it is the little
things that count. Buy a meal for the security guard at your office, let go of
that change you can do without.
NOTE – Do not fall for that temptation of calling your ex, love comes in all
shapes and sizes. Valentine’s day is not a reason to break up with bae,
don’t be unfortunate.

And in the spirit of the day, we’ll be giving out a book, throw pillow and a midi skirt from our store! (Sadly, it’s limited to people in Lagos)

To participate,

1. leave a comment under this post telling us how you show love to yourself, to your loved ones.

2. Follow us on Instagram @Lifewithtwotees @TwoTeesShop

3. Tag 2 people under the giveaway post. You can tag more people to increase your chances!

Good luck guys!
Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers. We love y’all for the love and support.



Add yours

  1. Self-love is very necessary.

    A wise man once said; “you can only learn to love another right when you’ve learned how to love yourself” …or something like that.
    Here are my 7 things I love about myself.

    1. My mind – it’s such an amazing place. plenty things happen there, feels like my most prized asset.
    2. My voice – I’ve heard I have a voice fit for radio
    3. My resourcefulness – I believe there’s always a way, and i keep going till I find it
    4. My eyebrows – I can raise my eyebrows like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. That must count for something
    5. My taste in music – call it razz o, but my ability to spot the next best ‘legbegbe’ jam before it blows is a skill I’m proud of.
    6. My career/job – I’m not sure if it’s the job, but there’s a favor I’ve experienced in my various workplaces. Love it!
    7. My wife – because she makes me the man I am.

    Can I win the gifts now?

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  2. How I show love to myself…hmmmmn. Frankly it’s quite hard, what with the everyday hustle and bustle, but when I can, I ensure no home cooked meal for dinner, and do take outs plus wine!… The little things matter sometimes. As for showing love to my loved ones….a surprise shoe for the Mrs brings joy to her face. Random ooze for the boys does magic as well…haha

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  3. Love this post guys! It’s so important to practise self-love. We must learn to embrace our flaws, love ourselves and be proud of who we are becoming. Here are 7 things I like about myself:

    1.) I like my eyes. I think they are really distinct and beautiful.
    2.) I like that I am calm even in the most upsetting situations.
    3.) I like how easy I can understand things, even the most complex of it all.
    4.) I like that I feel things, all the emotions. I can feel happiness, sadness, every thing. I am very in touch with my emotions and I like it.
    5.) I like that I am consistent with whatever I put my heart to do. Even when it isn’t always convenient.
    6.) This is not about me but I absolutely love my support system. My friends, my family, my boyfriend. I’m so blessed to have them.
    7.) I like my body. I didn’t like it before because I thought I was so skinny but I have grown to embrace it. Now I actually love it. It’s the only one I have.

    Long epistle here, but thanks for making me remember the things I love about myself.

    Happy Valentines Day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  4. Self love first or you love wrong! (Just a thought that just came into my head, deep abi?).

    Things I love about myself;

    1. My smile , It is literally one of the most beautiful things you will see in a lifetime and that’s not me bragging, I have testimonials.Lol

    2. My ability to make people happy : I actually do love to make people happy and I have been told that I do that effectively.

    3. My beauty spot: Yes, a physical thing again, I am quite smitten with my physical appearance and you can’t blame me, it came after years of acceptance.

    4.My husband: Hayyy this one is a jackpot. He makes everything better

    5. I like that I am not doing badly for myself. I like the woman I am becoming everyday

    6. I like that I am content and always happy for other people.

    7. I like that I have the best family and friends. Too grateful for them.

    Thanks for the post guys, ya all rock.


  5. We can only truly love others when we love ourselves. I love that there’s just one me, sometimes i just stare at my own pictures over and over again, lol it’s not vanity, it’s self love


  6. Hi. For me, I think the one ultimate way I show love for myself and really feel good about myself is first by making sure that I am constantly reminded of God’s love for me and this reminder comes from me reading God’s encouraging words for his children and then I also feel good by being kind to others, I am happy when people around me also feel great, I like to motivate them, motivational speaking on my whatsapp status is just a thing I do everyday to make my contacts feel good too, I believe that if you have a kind heart, you’ll be at peace with yourself. I like my resilience and resourcefulness and my hunger for wisdom in all things, I like to read and even when it’s not a topic that I love, I still want to know a little about it and I like that because it enables me to be able to hold conversations and understand other people’s perspectives other than my own better.

    I love my smile and willingness to grow everyday.


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