Excitedly exiting the JFK airport, the next hurdle to cross was finding my friend Ufuoma – who I had not seen in ages. (3-4 years to be precise, but that’s still AGES). Shuffling through the crowd with my bag, I looked out for the pretty face that people so often refer to as my twin. And then, there she was! As beautiful as ever.

After our hugs and exclamations, we set off to begin our sojourn in Bermuda. I spoke about my recent trip from Nigeria here.


You can get into Bermuda with a valid US Visa. No visa or payment at the airport is required, just the usual entering stamp. Bermuda is about 90mins by air from New York. So once you have your ticket, you’re good to go.


Even though I’d previously visited over ten countries, I never actually understood the planning and details that go into having a well-organized vacation/trip. With Ufuoma and her wealth of experience, I got to see the difference and it was eye-opening seeing the work and attention put into this. Thank you boo.

Ufuoma shared our itinerary here . Now using this as a guide we were pretty much ready to take over Bermuda.


Right after we got to our apartment (which was beyond beautiful and the view was amazing), we freshened up and set off. I mean, we were tired but this is what holidays are for, right?

Bermuda is known for its beautiful, colorful buildings and Flat village didn’t disappoint.

I was constantly intrigued. It got better with every step and it took a great deal of self-control to not take pictures of every building.

It was quite weird that there was no pathway for pedestrians and the roads were quite narrow. This meant strolling and possibly getting hit was the only way to go. Quite an adventure i must say, and we survived it.


Hamilton is the main commercial street of Bermuda. What caught my attention here is the row of pastel-colored buildings designed so beautifully.

Moving around wasn’t quite easy and we were just getting used to the transportation system, as a result, we missed out on some of the items planned for our day one itinerary.

Long day it was, though very pleasing, we eventually got home drained yet extremely happy with lots of memories to reminisce about.


Bermuda is so beautiful.

Self-control is key.

Transportation is extremely stressful.

Thank you for reading. I will be sharing other things i did in Bermuda, please subscribe so you don’t miss out.

Do you have any specific questions about the Bermuda experience? Flight/Hotel booking etc? Please feel free to ask.

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