Hey guys! It’s been quite some time since we put up a DIY post right? Well, let’s fix that today, shall we?

But first, how are you all doing?

If you’ve never read any of our DIY posts, you can read them here, and here.

Two Saturdays ago, we decided to collaborate with WhoGoMake for a DIY project and here’s how it went! These days, a lot of people are embracing DIY projects because it could mean spending less money on things while also making things ourselves! In addition, these mini projects contribute in saving planet earth and we are pleased to be part in our own little way!

Our goal was to create a….

It was really the easiest DIY project I’ve seen. You don’t even have to possess any special ability to pull this off.

Anthonia from WhoGoMake got the materials we used. These include:

⁃ A cotton rope

⁃ Acrylic paint

⁃ Hot Glue gun

⁃ Blue band container

⁃ Duct Tape

⁃ Scissors

Step 1.

Get your container ready and drill holes into it.

We used an empty blue band container but you can use any container depending on the size of the vase you’re looking to make or the shape.

Step 2.

Apply glue to the center of the base of the container and then place the tip of the rope on it.

Continue glueing the rope in the clockwise direction

Keep glueing the rope round the container until it’s fully covered.

Step 3

When the container is fully covered, twist the loose ends and burn the tip to make it neater. Be careful here so you don’t end up burning it too much because it starts to turn brown.

Step 4

Now it’s time to paint! If you want just one color, you go ahead and paint it but we thought that’d be pretty boring and no one likes boring so we went for ombré blue.

Okay so next thing you want to do is put the tape above where you want to paint so as to make it as neat as possible.

so we painted the first layer really dark then diluted the paint as we moved upwards.


Voila ! Your vase / planter is ready!

Did you enjoy reading this? Will you be trying it out? Let us know if you’re a DIY fan in the comment section!

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