3 Must Read Articles This Week

Hi guys,How’s everyone doing today?As random and frequent as that questions is, we really need to take time to sincerely ask and then listen when people respond. You might even need to say “No, i mean it, how are you doing today?” In a world where we are used to routine and cliches, this would really mean a lot to someone. Also, listen to what they \ndon’t say – that wry smile, the drooped shoulders, the heavy sigh. Some people really need someone to show the littlest concern and genuine care, be that person for someone.So I ask again, How are YOU doing today? (do share in the comments)Now to the post – It’s quite different from the norm, but here goes:Most nights, I find myself needing that winding down time, so my night routine involves reading a lot of articles, the motivational ones are my best as they go a long way in helping me unlock the secrets to overcoming the struggles I personally deal with.Of course I have struggles, it’s part of what makes us human.So today, I’ll be sharing some of these articles with the aim of helping just one person out there or who knows? maybe even more. So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite reads this week.1. This one was a great read on self love. “What is real self-love? Self-love seems to be one of the hottest words at this moment.Some people think self-love is self-care. For example, a lazy doing nothing day, a bubble bath, a massage and a Netflix day. Some people think self-love is they do whatever to please themselves. For example, buying a designers handbag, booking an exotic vacation, or becoming a serial dater just to have fun.What is your definition of self-love?”Read more here2. “No New Friends” is a trash slogan and this post explains exactly why i think so. Read all about it here3. A popular phrase used in work emails is *Gentle Reminder* but is it ever really gentle? This is a very short read that captures this effectively and teaches us to be direct yet compassionate. I will try this next time I have to send a mail. Read all about it here.I hope this was helpful. Don’t forget to answer my question. How are you?Love.Titi

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