Hello everyone! I hope everyone is alright. We haven’t forgotten about the challenge. We’ve just both been busy.  Oh Btw, my dad and brother were talking about how they sacked Jose Mourinho. I don’t know much about football and all these teams but life is somehow sha. One day, you’re chilling as the manager of Chelsea, next day you’re jobless.

Anyway, we decided to do day 20 and 21 of the challenge together. What makes you happy and what makes you sad?

Hmmm where do I start? God, Food, Love, Peace of mind, Just having nothing to worry about. Everything going as planned, working towards a goal and finally achieving it, being outdoors, not going to work, spending time with friends and family, planning a trip and eventually taking one. Oh Money! How can I forget that? What makes me sad? Well, the reverse.

  • TITI


What makes me happy? A lot of things make me happy (All the things Titi mentioned) so i’m going to make this really simple. I am happy when things go as planned. The little things like talking to/chilling with my friends and family make me happy.  What makes me sad? When things don’t go as planned. When I put so much effort into something or someone and it doesn’t work out. I get ridiculously sad. My parents are always so worried about me when I plan to do stuff, they always tell me ‘Just know that everything can’t be perfect all the time.’


What makes you happy and sad? Let us know in the comments section below! 🙂


Happy Sunday guys!! Two weeks and a couple of days left in 2015!! Omg! We are so thankful for everything. What are you thankful for? (Let us know in the comments section). I hope y’all went to church or at least prayed at home. We were going to do a style post today on what we wore to church but somehow the ‘fleekfulness’ decided not to show in the pictures. So we decided to get back to the challenge.. Day 19 – What is your favorite movie?

My favourite movie is ‘Blood sisters’ a Nollywood movie. Lol! Just kidding but I think it’s a good movie. I remember when I always wanted to watch any movie with Genevieve Nnaji in it. To be honest, I really don’t think I have a favourite movie. ‘The fault in Our Stars’ is one amazing movie I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I don’t usually cry when I watch movies/tv shows because I know they’re acting but this movie made me cry. I loved it and I was happy because I love John Green and his books. Amazing actors, good story, and the sad twist (I legit thought she would die and not him)! I LOVE IT!


One of my favourite movies has got to be ‘Pursuit of Happiness’. They just don’t make many this good. I cried, laughed, cheered and applauded. Amazing movie!

  • TITI

Let us know what your favourite movie is in the comments section below!! 🙂


eXperience / DAY 18

Hello people! How are y’all doing? Last night/this morning was amazing. We went for the eXperience 10 and it was absolutely amazing! The performances were awesome. The singing, dancing, shouting, rejoicing, everything was just on point. We are so glad and thankful we were able to attend the best concert ever in Lagos. I (Tosin) couldn’t take a lot of pictures but took enough to show you what it was like! I (Tosin) didn’t charge my camera battery and I’m still getting familiar with using the camera at night. Anyway, day 18 – Post a picture of yourself. How is this a challenge?


dsc_0241 (1)










Hey guys! How’s it going? We were going to make a post specially for our Christmas wishlists but then we realized how far behind we are with the challenge. So back to the blogging challenge it is! We will definitely still be posting our wishlists sha before Christmas. Anyway, day 17 – Your favorite blogs. We’re doing this one together.

In no particular order;

  1. Alittlebitoflacquer – She is inspiring! Doctor and Mama of two!
  2. Africanism Cosmopolitan
  3. Sisiyemmie
  4. Ihunda’s musings
  5. SabirahO
  6. SimplyCyn
  7. I Am Brownie
  8. Cassie Daves

Feel free to tell us your favorite blogs in the comments section!!



Hello lovely people! Happy Sunday! We hope everyone is doing okay! We are sorry for not doing this challenge thing everyday. It’s honestly not as easy as it seems. Anyway, today we are sharing our thoughts on education.

According to Wikipedia, ‘Education is the process of facilitating learning. Knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits of a group of people are transferred to other people, through storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, or research.’  Like Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  I think Education is extremely important. As much as it’s easy to just say ‘Oh you don’t have to go to school to make it in life’ (which I agree with btw), it is also easier to say without education, your chances of being heard, listened to, respected (sadly) is quite low. I believe  every child should get the opportunity to be educated and it shouldn’t be something so hard to get. I think a lot of people don’t know that learning a trade (apprenticeship) is a form of education.

Oh and education does not equal common sense. I’ve heard some educated people talk and i’m just like



What i’m sha saying is that you can be educated and be very ignorant but for your own sake and your Children’s sake get educated!


Also, I think our nation can actually do better than we presently have. I think our secondary schools need to focus more on talent building than the regular natural subjects I feel more attention should be paid to developing individual skills than random, usual subjects. Our universities need to be more practical than theoretical.

  • TITI



Hey y’all! How is everyone doing? Who’s shopping this Black Friday? What are you going to buy? Well, I’m going to try to get my camera on Konga tomorrow. Let’s hope they’re actually doing 80% off or at least 50%. If not, then Amazon it is! Anyway, today is day 15 – Where will you be in 5 years?

Oh boy! I am actually excited to answer this question. Where will I be in 5 years? Hmm. Well by God’s grace, I will probably be doing my residency (Probably my second year as a Resident Doctor). I’m considering the fact that I still have to do internship/housejob for one year, then NYSC for another year. For those of you that are not familiar with Doctor terms, Residency is pretty much specialization. I will most likely have a side business because that’s the way to go o! I will be 29 years old. I will probably be married & pregnant or about to get married. Considering the fact that I’m single to stupor now, this one is going to be a prayer point. LOL!  I am very excited about the future tbh. I pray all my dreams, hopes and wishes come true!


Where will I be in five years? Sounds like an interview question where you have to sound like you’re smart and not bragging at the same time…. ‘To be able to add value to the organization.. bla bla!

Oh well, where will I really be? Can’t be too sure but here’s where I (with God’s leading of course) desire to be. In five years, I definitely don’t want to be working for anybody. I want to have my own thing going for me. I want to have my cute little family too. Can’t wait to have babies, lol I want three! Ok Focus TITI!

I want to look back at myself and be like wow, I grew spiritually (closer to God) financially (fat bank account), academically (finished all my professional exams), socially (my relationships in general with my family and friends) and physically (Hotter). LOL Just a way better version of myself than I am now. So help me God. Amen.

  • TITI


Hello all! I hope you all are doing great!  Today we are talking about 3 healthy habits.  It’s so sad that this was lowkey hard to list. I just couldn’t think of the third habit.

Anyway, here goes my list!
1. I eat at least one fruit everyday. Shoutout to my dad for this. My house is always filled with all sorts of fruits from bananas to watermelon to mangoes. My dad has hypertension and I must say, he’s a good patient!
2. I drink water everyday.  Lol I’m sure you were like ‘ Who doesn’t tho?’ I don’t think I drink enough tho but I try to drink at least 2L/day.
3. I take naps everyday. Yea, this is healthy!  It’s always good to rest and relax your brain. I am a napaholic as my twitter handle says. I don’t mess around with my naps yo!


Three healthy habits.

The thing about it is, these days, we can’t exactly tell what qualifies as “healthy” but anyhow, here are some habits I consider close to healthy:

1. I drink a lot of water. and according to medical experts, that’s pretty healthy.
2. I sometimes eat fruits, like I actually sometimes buy fruits and eat. Probably not as often as required but if an apple a day can keep the doctor away, then I’ve done well keeping him far awayyy. (side-bar: if it’s not consistent, can I call it a habit?)
3. I’ve reduced my soda consumption

Whoop! I did it. I am healthy.