Style | Ripped

Hey readers! How’s it going? This post has been waiting to be revived for a while. I slept all day today so now that I’m awake at this ungodly time, I decided its time for another blog post.

Disclaimer: I’m not a fashion blogger.

In fact, if you know me well, you’d know my go to outfit is jeans/T-shirt/converse or flats. I usually don’t wear ripped jeans. In fact, this is the only ripped jeans I own.

Oh did y’all notice I was rocking one of our neck pieces? Well, now you know! If you’re interested in buying, click here or follow the instagram page.

I can’t even remember where I went to wearing this outfit but usually I would wear this for a not so serious outing like going to watch a movie, going to the grocery store, hanging out/lunch with friends…. You get the gist sha.








What’s your go to outfit?

Feel free to comment, share and all that good stuff!

Thank you guys for reading even though y’all don’t comment. I see you! 🙂

Have a lovely week!



Comfort | Dubai

Hey guys! I’ve been trying to study lately but that’s not going so well. I’ll soon get my groove back. I went to Road Chef again last week and I’ve seen so many reviews and I don’t think I should do one but I must say, the sweet potato fries… Lord! I could go there just to get the fries. That’s how good it was.

Back to the matter, these are pictures from my trip to Dubai. Clearly, from my outfit you can see that I’m very big on comfort. I love the pants! I really just love anything that’s not so tight-fitting. Yay to loose clothes.


As my mom was taking these pictures, this little boy ran up to me to play with him. He’s so adorable. While I was in Dubai, random little kids would run up to me with the biggest smile wanting to play with/hug me. I’m not sure what is so fascinating about my face. It was probably my hair? I’m not complaining.


I hope y’all are having a great week so far! If not, cheer up! Things will get better, just stay positive.


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Outfit | Love

Hey guys!! I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything. I know I promised to update y’all daily but It’s actually not exactly the easiest thing to do. I either forget, or fall asleep and by the time I wake up, I’ve forgotten the gist.

I will however give a Summary of my trip to Dubai. So, if/when you visit, you’ll have an idea of how things are over there.

Remember I told y’all Fridays are like Sundays here in Dubai? Ok, well, I went to church and this is what I wore. Obviously, I wore a jacket with the dress. While we were taking a walk, my mom took some pictures of me. She’s amazing.


P.S -There is a story behind this dress. Bottom line is Titi and I have this exact same dress! Lol

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Love & Light!

Outfit| Bright-Black.

Hey beautiful people! How’s it going? Second week in February already! 2016, please chill. I know a lot of you have been wondering where Titi is. She has been extremely busy and we barely see each other these days. We were together on Saturday and it was good catching up. We have some exciting things coming up so stay tuned! 🙂


I hope you have a beautiful week.

P.S- Did you notice that’s not a skirt? Apparently, they’re called ‘Culottes’. (Fun fact: I just found out the name too) Most comfortable thing ever!


Weekends | Weddings

Hello lovely people! How’s your day going so far? This post has been on my phone since last year. LOL (just December). We attended a wedding the weekend after Christmas! It was lit for the most part! A friend decided to do our make up and she did very well for someone that was like ‘I’m not that good o. I just watch YouTube videos.’ I need to get on this YouTube thing. My face has be looking yummy like this everytime. See for yourself! Sadly we didn’t take a lot of pictures at the wedding because I left my camera in the car.






I didn’t take a full picture of what I wore sadly. Oh this was my first gele experience and oh boy! I wasn’t ready! My ears were about to pop and let’s not talk about the headache! It was all worth it sha cuz I was looking like a proper Yoruba girl that I am.

– Tosin

Style post | Simple & cute

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great Christmas! We had a girls night out and then we went to a Christmas party. We are thankful for everything despite the fact that Nigeria’s a hot mess at the moment. Anyway, we told y’all we were going to do a style post on what we wore to Eat Drink Festival. Well, today is that day! I (Tosin) went with something cute. A pinafore and a lace crop top. The main thing for me was wearing anything I won’t have to constantly ‘suck belle’ in after eating. Titi is the hot sister. lol She went with a skirt and crop top. I’m not even joking but you know those girls that look hot wearing jeans and a random top? Yeah, that’s Titi. If you don’t look closely, you might think it’s a short dress. The ultimate goal was comfort sha. No matter how beautiful a dress or outfit is, comfort is the most important thing. Shoutout to ASOS for the outfits.








Outfit| Casual.

Hey guys! It’s Monday!! It’s already the 7th of December? Where is this month running to? Ahn I want to enjoy the rest of the year but it’s going by so fast. I can’t keep up abeg. Titi has exams this week so we are taking a break from the challenge and i’ll be posting random stuff till she’s done. Wish her luck guys! So I told you guys we went for the experience 10 yea? Well, I didn’t show you what we wore. We sort of looked the same. Funny thing we have very different styles but whenever we are together we end up almost dressing the same way.


DSC_0169 (2)

DSC_0175 (3)

DSC_0167 (2)

DSC_0176 (2)

DSC_0172 (2)

DSC_0179 (2)