Hello Guys,

DETTY DECEMBER has officially been activated. I am typing my “out of office” mail with a fat grin as I can’t recall the last time I was off work during Christmas festivities, I have worked my ass out all year and didn’t go on any break (except the official public holidays), so I’m set to enjoy my 20 leave days all through the month of December. Yes, I am super thrilled!

Sampling opinions from Instagram, I had asked my followers how ready they are for Detty December, but response show it might be a squeaky clean one.  Anyhow, it can be all you want it to be. This post is basically a sort of pre-December diary, setting out plans in advance. Would be nice to have a Pre-Monthly diary habit, right? Unfortunately, that is not something I can commit to.

I want my December to be relaxing, full of laughter and memories that will last a lifetime. Ultimately, I want my December to be aligned with my mantra which is to live my best life. Read other people expectations for December here.

Here are a few things I intend to do this holiday season

VISITING RESTAURANTS AND EATING GOOD FOOD – I am sure you already know how obsessed I am with good food and checking out new restaurants. A few of the restaurants on my to-visit list include: La taverna (for their delicious pasta – P.S Every Thursday Its 4k per person and this includes a glass of wine) Flower shop Café (to try out their breakfast), Vanilla Moon (for the aesthetics, they better have good food), please recommend some restaurants you visited and enjoyed.

SPENDING TIME WITH FAMILY – With a busy schedule like mine, spending time with family is something I constantly crave and what better way to spend it than the holiday season.

BLOG WORK – It’s been a struggle combining my 9-5, with a blog amongst other responsibilities. I intend to do better next year, and part of the plan is to create content in advance and hit publish some time in future. Another thing I want to do is create a blog content calendar for the first quarter of 2020 – makes it easier to achieve. And finally, I need to move from WordPress .com to .org and it‘s been a challenge, I would love to accomplish it this break, if you can help or know anyone that can help please reach out to me.

BINGE WATCHING TV SHOWS – I mean, y’all already know I don’t joke with my tv shows, I am looking forward to watching tv till 3a.m. I watch all kind of tv shows, I love ratchet tv shows, trash tv shows (very predictable story), recently started getting addicted to Korean and Spanish tv shows. I have a couple of reviews here and here.

E-COURSES – I hope I complete a few e-courses I started and start practicalizing all the lessons learnt. Most of them are on UDEMY and COURSERA, they even have some free ones. You should totally check them out. I also have to complete my TATB course, my friend Ufuoma launched this travel blogging course and its been a game changer for me.

COLLABORATIONS & PARTNERSHIPS – If you are a blogger or brand willing to collaborate/partner, please do not hesitate to hit me up.

HOST A BUNCH OF BLOGGERS – This is a last-minute addition, it’s been on my mind for a while now so I’m putting it out here so you can hold me accountable. If you are a blogger willing to join us for this. Kindly reach out to me via email or shoot me a DM.

I guess my December isn’t exactly Detty after all. You made it this far and this means the world to me.

Thank you so much! Now it’s your turn, what are your December plans? Share with me.

With Love, Titi

Here Comes The Sun – Review

BOOK – Here Comes The Sun

AUTHOR – Nicole Dennis-Benn

PAGES – 345

PUBLISHED IN 2017 by One world publications

ISBN 978-1-78607-239-9


Capturing the distinct rhythms of Jamaican life and dialect, Nicole Dennis-Benn pens a tender hymn to a world hidden among pristine beaches and the wide expanse of turquoise seas. At an opulent resort in Montego Bay, Margot hustles to send her younger sister, Thandi, to school. Taught as a girl to trade her sexuality for survival, Margot is ruthlessly determined to shield Thandi from the same fate. When plans for a new hotel threaten their village, Margot sees not only an opportunity for her own financial independence but also perhaps a chance to admit a shocking secret: her forbidden love for another woman. As they face the impending destruction of their community, each woman fighting to balance the burdens she shoulders with the freedom she craves must confront long-hidden scars. From a much-heralded new writer, Here Comes the Sun offers a dramatic glimpse into a vibrant, passionate world most outsiders see simply as paradise.

First of all, I’d like to put it out there that I read a signed copy! I brag different.

The first thing that attracts you to this book ( if you’re like me) is the cover.

Bright, sunny and beautiful just like the Jamaica we foreigners know. The one we visit expecting to sip cocktails with occasional shots of rum on a beach half naked in Montego Bay. Well, sorry to break it to you but this is not the Jamaica you read about in this book and I really love that it isn’t. Every now and then we need a dose of reality. This story is told from a local’s POV. So you get to see the not so shiny and attractive aspects of Jamaica.

This book is centred around three women. Delores and her two daughters Margot and Thandi. Margot grew up hustling, doing whatever she could to survive because her mother,Delores pushed her into the world at the age of 14 without caring if she was ready or not.

As expected that put a huge strain on their relationship. Margot was willing to sell her body to make sure her sister, Thandi never have to go through what she did. Thandi would seem like the lucky one in this story, having a sister that would literally do anything to make sure you have a good life, a mother that was willing to do the same. She grew up always being reminded that everyone is sacrificing everything for her. Whew chile! The pressure.

The story gets a little complicated as you progress and it unfolds slowly but beautifully. It explores heavy themes – Homophobia, prostitution, sexuality, colorism, racism, survival, trauma and its long lasting effects.

Here Comes The Sun is as raw and authentic as it gets. Nicole unapologetically wrote some parts in patois which I particularly enjoyed. It made the book even more memorable for me.

The book is like a roller coaster of some sort. It starts off really slow paced, you almost want to ditch it (Don’t make that mistake), then it gets so good, you literally cannot drop it and you find yourself reading it everywhere and then before you know it, it’s over!

You know a writer is good when you start to come up with reasons why the most horrible character is the way they are. When you start to justify the silly things a character does. Nicole made me feel things with this book and I’m thankful for that because at least I know I am still capable of feeling things.

I initially gave this book 5 stars but changed it to 4.5 stars because the ending was unnecessarily abrupt. My heart did not need all that, Nicole.

Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it?

Also, Let me know if you’d like to see more book reviews on the blog!


Freshwater – Review

Hi guys. Long time no book review! I was telling my friend last weekend that I’m not a fan of long reviews but I often have a lot to say after reading books. What a conundrum!




{The edition I read was published in Nigeria by Kachifo limited under its farafina imprint.}

ISBN: 978-978-55597-1-2


PAGES – 249

I tried hard to stay away from reviews before starting this book. I mean, I waited for over a year but I still read a few and what I gathered from them is that it’s a book about an ‘Ogbanje’ and it’s sort of an autobiography.

I finally started reading it properly last week and I finished it in two days.

Akwaeke tells a story of a young girl Ada, an Ogbanje who was born and raised in Nigeria by her Malaysian mother, Saachi and Nigerian Father, Saul. She had a pretty traumatic childhood but most of it doesn’t come up till much later in the book. The story spans through her childhood in Nigeria up until she travelled to America for college and a few years after that. While in America, a traumatic event happened which led to a series of discoveries. The story takes us through her journey of self discovery and it was amazing to read even more so because it is the reality of the author.

I have heard the term Ogbanje before. I mean if you’re Nigerian, the term is likely not foreign. I don’t know what it means and I’ve never been interested until I read this book. I did a bit of research (ish) on that. Here is the best answer I got.

“An Ogbanje is a reincarnating spirit that causes grief or pain. They’re most often children that die stillborn, or children that die before they’re married (marriage in Igbo culture makes one ‘complete’). This spirit comes through the mother over and over, torturing her and her family. This is the most common understanding.

Ogbanje that don’t die the during infancy are believed to grow up to be very attractive and rebellious. Often troubled or troublesome children that will ultimately die early if measures aren’t taken. Because of this, many rebellious or vain children are called ‘ogbanje’. They’re also ‘special’ children while alive, often having a higher level of spiritual intuition than others. Nobody really knows if a child is Ogbanje unless they pass, and there’s a history of pre-mature death in the family. “

Okay so now that we have a little insight into who an ogbanje is, it gets a little more interesting. The book is narrated by the different spirits/voices/ in her mind. The two main personalities were Asughara and Saint Vincent. I personally wish I read more from Saint Vincent’s POV. I read Chigozie’s book ‘An orchestra of minorities‘ couple of months ago and I think I am starting to understand the concept of a Chi but as I read on, I felt more and more convinced Ada has what we call Dissociative Identity Disorder. I thought Chis were spirits that sorta are just in the background watching you do your thing, the voices/thoughts in your head you know? Asughara and the other spirits controlled Ada so much that she needed them to survive and the weaker she was, the more they thrived.

The book explores sexuality, abuse, love, family, mental illness, gender, spirituality and culture.

I tried to be open minded and started to create reasons why it’s actually not Dissociative Identity Disorder. but the Doctor in me refused to let the book take me where it wanted to. My confusion however was that in DID, the original personality usually has no knowledge of the other personalities. When a given personality is dominant and interacting with the environment, the other personalities may not perceive what is happening but in Ada’s case, she interacts with her other personalities, they even had drinks at some point. I tried to picture how that went. My conclusion is The mind is so powerful and sometimes terrible things happen that even our mind cannot process and we find ways to cope to survive.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The writing style was great. My only issue is the timeline was a bit confusing and towards the end, the story felt a bit scattered. I felt some parts should’ve come earlier in the book. WARNING – Be prepared to have chills when you read from Ada’s POV.

Freshwater is a book I’ll likely not forget anytime soon. So unique and thought provoking. It left me mindfucked. It’s not a book you’ll finish reading and just move on from. You might need time to process what you’ve just read. I was so curious to know how much of the book was fiction. It was chilling to know She actually went through all that and I am in awe of her strength for sharing this book with us. It must’ve taken a lot of courage to bare her soul out to strangers who will read and write up reviews of what they think without actually being able to comprehend what she has been through. I read an article where Akwaeke said ‘I hoped Freshwater would help with the terrible depression that often comes with having a reality you can’t share with anyone else.’

Favorite quote :

I inhabit a space between depression and happiness , a sweet spot, a brilliant spot. I stared at him and wondered if it was true. If it was, could that spot be more real than either end of the spectrum? It would be a point of perfect balance.’

RATINGS- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is definitely the longest review i’ve ever written. Am I getting better at this?

Image result for pats self on back gif

About the author

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Waldman-Emezi-Freshwater.jpeg

Akwaeke is a non – binary transgender. The pronoun to be used when addressing Akwaeke is ‘THEY/THEM’. I find it interesting though that in the about the author section, the pronoun ‘she/her’ was used. ‘Akwaeke Emezi is an Igbo and Tamil writer and video artist based in liminal spaces. born in Umuahia and raised in Aba, Emezi won a 2015 Morland writing scholarship and is a graduate of the Farafina and Caine prize writing workshops. her short story ‘who is like god’ won the 2017 commonwealth short story prize for africa and her work has been published by Granta and Commonwealth writers, among others. Freshwater is her debut.’

Have you read Freshwater? If yes, did you enjoy it?


OCTOBER FAVS – 3 Things that made my month

Hi guys,

You know, when you think of it, all we’ve got is this one life. In the midst of our daily hustles, everyday struggles and general routines, we have to be deliberate and focus on making the most of every day. DELIBERATELY LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE DAILY!

So in this same inspiration mood. I’m sharing three of my favourite things from the month of October and I hope these will spur you somewhat to identify yours.

The Bible App

This app has been on my phone for a while now and I’m only just exploring it. We’re all human and we deal with all types of emotions, feelings and moods. It might be worry, imposter syndrome or comparison, or maybe even the desire to learn things about leadership, financing, how to be kinder etc. Whatever the need is, this app has got you covered. By typing in exactly how you feel or what you are looking for, you get several plans that are tailored to address exactly that. The bible app helps you study, go through the Bible and even get scriptures that guide your day. You can download this app on your Appstore or Playstore. Please share on your story and tag me if you end up downloading it.


With time being a very important aspect of life, It’s vital to stay focused. I was introduced to the Micserah brand of watches in September and it’s quite evident, I fell in love with it. With different models to match varying individual preferences, the watches carry a regular feature of being so sleek and stylish I love that the straps are easily adjustable – (mine has the Milanese strap, so it’s quite different to the pin types). You can learn how to adjust these type of watches without going to a repairer here.

On its aesthetics, if I got a dollar each time someone complimented my watch, I probably would be able to afford my own island. Speaking of islands, how did I almost forget that it’s water-resistant. So if you’re caught up in a downpour or the likes, you’ve got nothing to worry about. You can get my exact watch here or browse through their site here for other designs.


I go to know about this album one lazy day while scrolling through my timeline on twitter. I immediately listened to the album and I think it was on repeat for the next 7days. Her album is slow and sultry with different emotions from love, anger, heartbreak and to even dealing with fuck boys. She is the good girl next door in some and the “baddest bitch” in others talking about pulling up on a nigga with an AK. Her album is a vibe that made my drive from the office in traffic worth it. I also think anyone can relate to it as long as people keep breaking up and making up, the experience will never feel far away. One of my favourite songs from the album is “Playing Games”

One more thing – this will be a new segment on the blog, what that means is that ill be sharing my monthly favs.

Are you using the bible app? Do you have a Micserah piece? Have you listened to the Summer Walker album? What did you fall in love with in October? Share with me.



An Orchestra of Minorities by Chigozie Obioma | Worth a read?

Firstly, I’d like to thank Lara for gifting me a copy of this book about three months ago. I found out about the book on Instagram. Bookstagram is the plug for new books! You’re welcome. I was excited about reading it because I read Chigozie’s debut novel ‘The Fishermen’ and I liked it. If I remember correctly, I gave it 4 stars!

Author – Chigozie Obioma

Pages – 516 pages

Published by Parrésia Publishers Ltd

ISBN – 9789785659504

Blurb –

Umuahia, Nigeria. Chinonso, a young poultry farmer, sees a woman attempting to jump to her death from a highway bridge. Horrified by her recklessness, Chinonso joins her on the roadside and hurls two of his most prized chickens into the water below to demonstrate the severity of the fall. The woman, Ndali, is moved by his sacrifice.

Bonded by this strange night on the bridge, Chinonso and Ndali fall in love. But Ndali is from a wealthy family, and when her parents object to the union because Chinonso is uneducated, Cells most of his possessions to attend university in Cyprus. Once in Cyprus, Chinonso discovers that all is not what it seems. Furious at a world which continues to relegate him to the sidelines, Chinonso gets further and further away from his dream, from Ndali and the place he called home.

In this contemporary twist on Milton, Dante and Homer written in the mythic style of the Igbo literary tradition, Chigozie Obioma weaves a heart-wrenching epic about the tension between destiny and determination.

Before I start this review, let me just put it out there that this book has been shortlisted for the Booker prize this year. The only book by an African author on the list. The winner of this year’s Booker Prize will be announced on the 14th October 2019.

As a Nigerian, I am immensely proud of him but if we are keeping it one hundred, I’m a bit shocked it was picked in the first place and I’ll tell you why.

Let’s get right into it shall we?

I tried to read this book twice before I finally finished it. I abandoned it after the first chapter but decided to pick it up again, then abandoned it after the second chapter. Once I got past the first 50 pages, it started to get a little better. It’s a big book so prepare your mind for long journey.

Chinonso is basically a sad man living a sad life. Both parents are dead, he’s not speaking to his only sibling because she went and got married and then moved to Lagos. He lives alone with his chickens till he fell in love with Ndali and it started to look like things might be better for him but his ‘village people’ had the upper hand because he kept going from one mess to the other.

So the book started off with Chinonso’s chi which is basically like his spirit intervening on his behalf to the gods in the spirit world. I found that bit fascinating (I mean, the idea of having a spirit and said spirit having the ability to sorta influence your decisions. The idea that your spirit watches over you and sometimes sees you about to make a bad decision but all it can do is try to persuade you not to. This is a concept that is not entirely unfamiliar to Nigerians.) until I realised his Chi literally won’t shut up and certainly won’t stop distracting us. His Chi was supposed to narrate the story of Chinonso’s life and tell us why he is the way he is and sort of justify the things he did but he spent half the time reminding us what his job was and basically tried to push the blame away from himself. I honestly would’ve preferred reading directly from Chinonso’s POV.

Also, I was very frustrated by the main character – Chinonso and I could sense how confused the author was writing about him. He first started off making us believe chinonso was naive and clueless then went ahead to show us how mentally unstable he was while still trying so hard to justify his silly actions. I wasn’t even sure if the author wanted us to sympathise with Chinonso because all I felt was disgust with a tinge of irritation.

Furthermore, I think Ndali’s character could have been better developed. I mean surely, there was more to her than her relationship and what she did for Chinonso. Like, C’mon!

come on eye roll GIF

I also found that it was a very repetitive and unnecessarily long book IMO, this book had no business being 516 pages. It was obvious he was trying to add fillers and that made it super exhausting to read.

I was frustrated and disappointed because I actually really like the plot but it wasn’t engaging enough for me.

angry hate GIF

Chigozie does have a unique style of writing which I reckon some people really love. I find his stories intriguing and different which is a very good thing. I wish he put more effort into making his stories richer and engaging.

Ratings – 3 stars

I know it seems like the cons are more than the pros but I’m coming from a place of disappointment because I had such high hopes. I will recommend this if you’re into books leave you a bit frustrated.

shay mitchell whatever GIF by Talk Stoop

I would also like to state that some pages were missing and some were not numbered accordingly. I’m not sure who to blame for that but it threw me off a bit. They definitely need to do better!

If you’ve read this? Did you enjoy it?

Also, I’m currently reading two books with similar themes and I’m loving them. Follow me on Instagram to read mini reviews that don’t make it on here !

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3 Best Spots for Breakfast in Lagos

Hi guys,

Thank God It’s Friday! And I mean this with all thankfulness and sincerity! What a week it has been! Sometimes, I wish we could have 4-day work weeks (with one day to work from home), and then 3-day weekends. But for now, I’ll manage this till change comes.

Right. On to our discourse topic today – It’s generally said that breakfast makes or breaks your day. I mean I understand this, because it’s the first meal of your day so it pretty much sets the tone for how your day turns out. Say for instance, you have a full English breakfast, you can expect quite a colorful, nutritious day ahead compared to having yesterday’s unfresh bread. You get? lol. Well, all I’m trying to do is make your day even better.

So today, I’ll be sharing three of my favorite breakfast spots in lagos.

When picking these restaurants, some factors considered were the taste of the food (duhhh this is major key), customer service, presentation of food ( because flatlays must fly), Ambience of restaurant/Picturesque (because you gotta look pretty for the gram while at it) and affordability (because, I’m not trying to wreck you).

They all made the cut putting all my factors to the test, so without further ado and in no particular order, let’s get to it.

Cafe Jade Lagos – Located in lekki, Cafe Jade gives off a homely intimate vibe that is perfect for breakfast.

Crust and Cream – Crust and Cream never dissapoints, they’re consistent with everything. I also love that there’s the outdoor space with a rustic decor or the indoor space which is pretty cute too. They also have a wide menu that can satisfy all your breakfast cravings.

Cactus – An old time fav that is definitely dynamic enough to still be listed with new restaurants.Enjoy your breakfast with a sea sde view. It doesn’t hurt that they are quite generous with their portions.

Have you visited any of these restaurants? What are some of your favorite breakfast restaurant? Share with me, I’ll love to visit and maybe they’ll make it to my list.


Restaurant Review – Z KITCHEN

A major number of the restaurants we visit (including Z Kitchen) are ‘discovered’ on Instagram, however, as is with IG locations, representation is hardly ever detailed and it’s a major challenge to make decisons based on pictures (because, appearances can be deceitful). This is why, to the best of our ability, we try to help your decision with our candid opinions, hoping at the end of the day, you get value for your money.

Still worth mentioning, that our opinion is exactly that – our opinion 🙂

Without further ado, let’s get right into why we loved Z Kitchen.

Z kitchen wasn’t hard to locate as it is situated on the quite popular Saka Tinubu in Victoria Island. Saka Tinubu is generally known as the “computer village” of the Island as you can get all sorts of phone and PC issues sorted around the area.

Ambience – We absolutely loved the ambience as It was really calm and lovely. Even though we opted to sit at the outdoor area, it took nothing away from the general experience. We would totally go back there for the beautiful space. They didn’t go overboard with the decor and it gave off a classy vibe. We gave this a solid 5/5

Food- We had chicken wings, lamb balls and fries. Titi loved the wings but I wasn’t too keen on them. Fried chicken wings are not my thing and I wasn’t too impressed with the menu as It seemed to lack variety. We will give this 3/5 because the food didn’t taste horrible and presentation was great.

Staff- They were all very nice and polite.They gladly took our pictures when asked.We gave this 4/5

Price – It’s advisable to go being aware you’ll spend money. It’s a little above the average prices you’d expect from a restaurant on the island

Pros – Beautiful decor, nice ambience, friendly staff.

Cons- Pricing is above the average.

Z Kitchen is quite spacious and will be perfect for a private dinner or anniversary.

Have you visited Z Kitchen? What restaurant will you recommend we visit.

Thank you for stopping by. We really do appreciate. If you liked this review please share.


Titi & Tosin

The cutest outdoor bar in lekki – Bolivar Bar review

Sometimes life happens and everything around you screams “Take a break!” and then you do, but nothing compares to eventually bouncing back – we will probably share all about that much later but today, a serving of good tidings in your quest to find a less crowded yet picturesque hangout spot.

Bolivar bar is that lowkey place in lekki you go if you’re just trying to have a likkle fun here and there but nothing too grand. Also, If you’re a fan of art, you might also appreciate this place.

Titi happened on Bolivia bar on instagram and we decided to check it out. Their doors open at 4pm so we had to occupy ourselves with other things till then before we headed out. See that we are pretty dedicated to putting out great content, yes?

The drive there was pretty short from our location as Its an outdoor space located on Wole Olateju street.

Ambience – very nice! It gets nicer once it’s darker. Also they have an art gallery upstairs with a great view. It’s definitely picturesque enough to satisfy Instagram cravings. We gave this 4/5

Food- We did not try their menu but they had finger foods and the options weren’t exactly enticing. I guess because it’s a bar they didn’t prioritize this but food should always be a priority. We gave this 2/5

Staff- They were all very nice and eager to work. Although the place was not busy so that might have contributed. We gave this 4/5

Drinks – We were slightly disappointed by the cocktails. We got the bolivar special and it was pretty much Wilson lemonade. We had to confirm if it was a cocktail or a mocktail. Although we complained and they didn’t hessitate to fix it.

Price – It was not more expensive than your average bar on the island. Most cocktails cost N3,500.

Pros – Affordable, nice ambience, lovely art gallery with a view! Friendly staff.

Cons- Limited options on the menu, drink standard was a bit poor.

I have a love/hate relationship with the effort put into decorations in restaurants. Love because i love cute spaces, hate because food is just as important and I don’t see the effort put into that. What are y’all thoughts on this?

Oh please do me a favor…. Please share our post on social media. It’ll really really mean a lot to us.


Titi & Tosin.

Warehouse kitchen review – The perfect intimate restaurant

Hey readers and friends! How’s it going?

So let me share a quick joke. The long break was 4 days long and guess who did absolutely nothing? Yes you, me. LOL. But you know what? We shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it, we are human and sometimes we want to just stay at home and be unproductive. So stop beating yourselves up when you’re not being as productive as you’d like.

Okay so back to why we are here.

As y’all already know. We like food and enjoyment. In the words of Bobrisky “Enjoyment fit us die” . Now we kinda have to balance the enjoyment because the economy isn’t friendly and adulthood is a real thing.

We decided to look on Instagram for where to have lunch after a lazy morning. We went out the night before and let’s just say Lagos can actually kill you. We decided on Warehouse because we’ve barely heard about the restaurant (and in Lagos this is sort of a good thing) and it was super close to the house (or so we thought). Now the address on their Instagram page says ‘near fidelity bank ATM’ whatever that means!

So that’s how we started Israelite journey to Fidelity bank ATM. After finally locating the place, we saw a sign that said the restaurant had moved and we needed to turn around.

We did and luckily found the famous Fidelity bank. We drove in and realized they have valet parking – oh so fancy.

We took a bunch of pictures outside the building then quickly entered because at this point we were pretty hungry and over Lagos heat. We initially wanted to sit upstairs but they had a birthday thing going on there so we decided to stay downstairs .

We both ordered a glass of juice while we waited for our seafood pepper soup.

Food surprisingly did not take too long to arrive or maybe it did and we didn’t realize it because we were busy taking pictures. Either way, it came at the right time.

It tasted so freaking good and the portion wasn’t bad at all.

We paid about N11,000 for everything in the picture below plus the two glasses of juice. So I’d say you can have a decent meal for N7,000.

We did not get to explore as much as we wanted but we’ll definitely do that next time we visit


Nice ambience

Good food

Not too expensive

Free WiFi

40% Uber code to get there

Polite staff

10% off if you pay with your Visa card


Not so easy to locate

Warehouse kitchen is definitely one of my fave restaurants in Lagos atm. Have you been? Was it a good experience?