Hurricane Maria – Pray For Dominica


How’s everyone doing?

First of all, can someone please explain to me why there is traffic everywhere in Lagos. What kind of struggle?

Earlier in the week we spoke about our goals this month. If you did not read it, you can read it here . Guess who has already ticked one off? Yeah, your girl, Tosin.

I got a job! Now, this was totally impromptu and random but I’m grateful I got it and so far so good.

I’m still hoping to do NYSC in November so I hope it works out well in the end.

I was not in a great mood when the week started. The news about hurricane Maria has been so sad. I lived in Dominica for 6 years and although I complained a lot because I generally used to complain a lot ( emphasis on used), I loved how amazing, nice and easy going the people of Dominica and the Caribbean generally are. They always found time to relax, have a good time and just be happy and to be honest that was awesome!  They’re also the most welcoming people I’ve ever come across!  I remember my first week there, I’d be walking on the street and random people will start greeting me ‘good morning’. It was honestly so refreshing.

I spent 6 years of my life there. I called the place home for those six years and it’s really sad to see them go through this.

I still have some friends there and I am so relieved that they’re all well and alive. Thanks to God.

My friend shared a picture of her living room after the hurricane and I’m just like wow…. the stress, hurt, pain and cost of starting over must be overwhelming. No one is ever prepared for this. People have lost their homes, jobs and lives. It’s like starting life all over again.

I have been trying to find a way to help out. It’s quite a struggle from Nigeria but here’s how you can help.

Click here 

All items would be shipped to Elka Cools-Lartigue in Fort Lauderdale and then transported to Dominica.
I spoke to my friend and she said they need even the basic things like baby stuff, toothpaste, tooth brush, deodorants and things like that!

It’s really devastating and I pray they find the strength to start again and be the happy people they’ve always been known to be.



Monthly goals?

895-goalsmonthly-goalsHi guys, how are you doing?
Your weekend go good? Last week was loaded was with work related trainings with some great facilitators. While I’d rather have been on some beach sipping exotic juices, they did manage to catch my attention more than once and they triggered certain thoughts: like what is my life? What am i doing? Am i on track? Do you sometimes feel like you are not achieving your goals, or not even setting one? and feel a bit down and all that sad stuff?
What if we all set goals and try to achieve them this month? Nothing too dramatic, it could be a book you’ve been trying to read for a while now, or a soup you wanted to make. (This marriage life got me thinking soups now, wow!)
Tosin any goals for the month? – Titi
Yeah, actually. I’m lowkey trying to get a job. I mean Nysc is in two months and it just seems like a really long time right now. I mean I won’t lie and say I’m not enjoying the post housejob resting sha – Tosin
Exactly, i was going to say the exact same thing. Enjoy it. I wished i made more memories when i was jobless. – Titi
LMAO! I don’t know how I feel about that word ‘jobless’ tho – Tosin
You are kinda jobless yeah? – Titi
Such an intense word. But Why are you now shouting? Well, I’m also trying to explore Lagos a little bit. I went to “bogobiri house” and “the jazzhole” the other day, and they weren’t half bad to be honest. So if you know any cool/quiet spots in Lagos, holla at your girl – Tosin
I’m just goint to be here hating on you and all your free time. – Titi
With salary entering every month. Must be niceee – Tosin
Lol it is quite nice. Anyways i was asking you about monthly goals. – Titi
I don’t know how we got here. Lol  I’ve mentioned my goals na – Tosin
I feel like i sometimes get so tired and overwhelmed with what i am doing, where i want to be, where i think i should be and other times i look at my life and i am like, Girl you are doing amazing. – Titi
I totally get you! Tbh – Tosin
I am trying to set realistic goals, of course sometimes goals can be challenging but i have to remind myself “no pressure, no pressure.” Monthly goals, hmm its already 16th o. So i don’t know about this month. Maybe I should rename it to ’30-day goals’.
But on my roster, I have to figure out if i am writing my professional exams this december. If i am, I have to register.
Then I definitely have to read a book and review it on the blog much later.
I need to finish Game of Thrones, AH! This one is a major need, Because my husband is over my slow ass. lol. – Titi
Okay I’m lowkey tired of typing lmao that will be removed obvs – Tosin
Lmfao. Nope – Titi
I don’t know what you people see in the Game of Thrones. I watched season 1 when they first started showing it and fell asleep every time! Zzzz  Lmao aww at reading a book. Which time do you have to read book. Now that’s a goal – Tosin
Don’t let the GOT fans beat you up oh.  I am lowkey tired too  Lol  – Titi
You should totally write the professional exams. Me sef, I have to decide which country I wanna disappear to for their medical exams. Nigeria is a hot mess rn. Ain’t nobody tryna stay here –Tosin
I dont know what you are typing but i need to go back to my GOT. – Titi
Byeeee – Tosin
This is just not me o, remember we are posting this, no sweet words to your readers? Ok ok.
Thank you guys for reading, please subscribe. Tell us about your monthly goals, or what you think of ours? Can you relate? – Titi

The wedding series- Part 2. 

Hey guys!

First of all, I wanna say thank you to everyone that read the first part and left comments! So glad you enjoyed it and found it helpful.

If you’ve been carrying last and haven’t read the first part, you can read it Here.

Now let’s wrap this up shall we?

People will complain of not eating, People will complain of drinks, and guess what? Everybody will be fine last last. I didn’t kill myself over this. I did my best and left the rest for GOD. One key thing to note though: Always prepare for uninvited guests.

We made access cards for the younger crowd and invitations for our parents guests. I think it’s cute and obviously cost efficient. This rather than making invitation cards for everyone. We also sent out E-invites to some friends who we couldn’t get the physical access cards to, and this worked as well. Every little cost that can be avoided counts.

If you have a theme, perfect. I didn’t, I wanted a lot of flowers, I wanted chandeliers. I wanted candles. I am sure my decorator was wondering what type of bride is this. I was pretty vague. Decorations was one of the expensive things on our list, but deservedly so. It came out amazing. Decorator – STYLISTA

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-29 at 08.42.15



People generally say “dress the way you want to be addressed” These days, your dressing is not even complete if you actually don’t look the part facially.
What’s a beautiful dress if I looked plain and boring? A plain and boring girl in a beautiful dress. You’re right! I went through a million pictures and pages before concluding on my make up vendor. You must be able to spot the experts who are good at just traditional style makeup, those who are really good with ‘white makeup’ and those who can actually do both. Finding someone good with both isn’t the easiest but hey i did it. “Beautybyqueen” was pretty dope for me. I must say I was also particular about using a make up artist with no attitude, because I’m not about that life, so yeah, luckily i didn’t have to deal with that.

Other factors to consider when sealing the makeup deal are, who does the maid of honor or mother’s makeup? Is it complementary? is she gonna have to retouch or nah? I wanted the total package lol. You don’t want to go wrong with your makeup. Although we started late and i probably didn’t need the touch up but it was too late to cancel and i didn’t even remember that. BeautybyQueen slayed my face, what?? just take a look



While planning and considering our budget, we were not going to have an entire paparazzi team of photographers (because of cost). But during discussions, we realized it works better having at least two guys manning the lenses. One man can’t do the job, well, he can, but it’s not effective especially if you want to get those early morning shots of the bride preparing and the groom preparing. How will it happen if they aren’t at the same hotel? You surely don’t want your photographer shuttling and fagged out before the event starts.

Oh i forgot pre wedding shoot. Best you strike a deal for introduction, traditional, white and prewedding. It is more efficient negotiating a total package. I didn’t take time concluding on this mostly because my photographer was kinda like a friend already and i was comfortable with his work. Seyi can be extra with his shoot tho, *one more pose* *can you put your hands on his stomach* *can you giive me that queen pose* *can you give me that killer smile* at some point i started getting cranky like *leave me alone, i am tired AH*. My maid of honor whispered *you better suck it up and pose, you need all this pictures o* I am glad they pushed me. You need to capture as much as you can, now i just go through the album with the biigest smile. He did an awesome job and went over and beyond to even share with his social media network and connects. So so grateful.



My baby can die for fruit cake (such a weirdo, I know) so i knew the wedding cake had to be mad. Major issue was looking for the design. I wanted something simple and cute. Eventually concluded on the below

We had to cut and wrap pieces and dropped it on the table. My mum made it a necessity, i wonder why guests need to taste your wedding cake.
Random:, i love how there’s so much wedding cake left over in the fridge for the times you feel like. Though I’m not sure its gonna last with the rate my husband goes to get ‘a slice.’
For desserts, i used a different vendor, it was a mixture of ice cream and cake. i just wanted to make sure no vendor is overwhelmed.


These niggas can make or mar your wedding. I absolutely loved the DJ, i couldnt relate much to the band but people that could, said they were pretty dope too. The band were a highlife group from Asaba. So it was mostly native songs they played.

The music generally was on point. Zero glitches, from the dancing in to daughter/father and son/mother dance. The DJ was on his ‘A’ game and made the after party super lit. I totally recommend him. Everybody was turnt.. EVERYBODY!!!!!

Might I add that if you’re going to have both a DJ and a band, ensure you have a meeting with both (alongside your MC) to ensure harmony between them.



Considering the fact my husband is an MC (please note o!) And into compering events and hosting, he was pretty particular about who handles the day. if he could, he’d have done it himself i’m sure. We definitely didn’t want the comedians as they often make it all about themselves (with the couple as an afterthought). He wanted someone who would keep it professional yet fun and also stick to the agreed programme. We had had a meeting earlier to discuss how the flow should be and other important things. Eventually, we got our man, pretty good at the job. Good looking too haha. He’s also friends and birthday mates with my husband. At least since he couldn’t do it, he got someone born on the same day to do it.

MC @Nnamdiak did a great job.


I think second dress is extremely necessary especially if your wedding dress is gonna be similar to mine, or if you’re having an after party. As much as i loved my wedding dress, turning up in it was clearly not going to be fun. Another alternative is making a 2 in 1 wedding dress that can easily be switched up into something more comfortable.
I used a black dress- black? I know right?! can you imagine that? I was initially skeptical but it was perfect. Love love love it.


Quite a post right? yeah lets wrap it up. If you can and considering your venue and safety of your guests and their property, try to at least get the services of some proper security team. Most venues have ‘gatemen’ not ‘guards’ and these probably liaise with and are familiar with the area touts, so get those hefty looking guys in uniform to man your security .
The After party is like a different ceremony, don’t underestimate this. Gotta twerk without parents giving you side eye and all that shit. Stock up on drinks as much as you can. Talking of drinks, it’s never a bad idea to buy cartons and store way ahead (cos prices go up) and my husband had very very supportive friends who pledged cartons of spirits which were used for the after party. Best guys tbh. (He’ll want me to S/O Victor, Seyi, Tunji, Terdoo, Ahbu, Yemi, Olisa) and all the mandem that came through. Thank you
Grateful to all my amazing friends and family. Best support system a girl can ask for. I LOVED MY WEDDING!!! IT WAS PERFECT!!!

img_9841-e1505504314357.jpgThank you guys for reading my wedding series post. Please please share your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe and also follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook!

Have a lovely weekend!


Post housejob Life – Atican beach 

Hey guys! 

A lot of people keep asking what I’m doing now that I’ve finished housejob.  Honestly, I wish I had like a focused/deep answer to tell y’all but the truth is I’ve basically been trying to gain weight, hanging with my family, meeting new friends, reading a whole lot – non medical books. (Stop judging me! Sheesh!), working on making the blog better, watching YouTube videos on photography, trying to explore Lagos. 

If that isn’t focused, then I don’t know what is.

On Saturday, we went to the beach. Now a lot of you should know that I love going to a good beach. Unfortunately, Since I’ve been back in Nigeria – 3 years now, I’ve  honestly not been to a good beach. I know my standards are high coming from the Caribbean – beach heaven but i’m really not asking for too much. Nice clean white/black sand, clear blue water- okay maybe that’s a reach, tiki bar or a beach bar/restaurant, shade, nice blue sky is also not a terrible addition for the sake of the pictures and the gram! . I mean, is this really too much to ask for? 

It’s very hard to see a clean beach in Lagos. I’m not sure why people are so dirty and think it’s normal to throw stuff in the ocean. Like have some self respect. Sheesh. 

Let’s not even talk about how hard it is to get a nice picture on the beach with the background looking like a refuse ground.  
Due to my terrible experiences, I barely go to the beach. In fact, I don’t think I own a bikini anymore. Totally not related to the fact that my ‘six pack’ abs is like one pack now. 

This is almost turning to a rant. Typical. 

Anyway, Last Saturday trip to the beach was initially supposed to be me going for my boyfriend’s friend’s birthday party but my people also decided to go to the beach- impromptu. I was already conflicted like damn. How will I divide myself now. Lo, and behold. It turned out to be the same beach. Look at God. 

It wasn’t so difficult to locate the beach as one of us had already been before but we still had to get a bikeman to lead us there for N200.

On getting there, we paid N1,000 each. My nephew obviously did not have to pay so I assume it’s free for kids? 

There was a car park area which I think is quite nice. The hustle to park cars in this Lagos is real.

It is super family friendly. There was a playground for kids. There was also a fun ride for adults/kids which we eventually decided to go on- turned out not to be free. It was N500 per person. I don’t know why I feel like they just looked at us and gave us price but maybe that’s just the Lagos babe in me talking. N500 is not too bad tho. 

This is manual as per two guys literally rolling the thing with their hands.

The view from up there. Magical.

I had a mini panic attack and told the guys to stop because i needed to get off ASAP!

There were different bamboo shades with tables/seats where you could chill. The joke was when a random guy came and said we should pay N15k for the space. Super cute.

Considering we were just four adults and one kid, we decided not to pay. Lol


We did not pay because he said we could stay but we shouldn’t put our stuff on the table so people will know the place isn’t occupied. Lmao smh 
There were different people selling stuff from bracelets, earrings,headbands, to goat meat -asun, chicken and chips, and coconut water. 

Bae got me the bracelet but I got the earrings and the headband for N500

The coconut water bit reminded me so much of the Caribbean. I miss the Caribbean so much. 

There was also free music and random guys offering horse rides – Not free obvs.
Loved the fact that there were nice places to take pictures. However I Didn’t like the fact that the beach was crowded but who no like better thing? I heard it’s never really crowded normally though. 

I really really like this beach and would definitely go there again.

Name of the beach – Atican beach. 

Location – Somewhere in Ajah. 
What other beaches do you know in Lagos? 

Have you even been to Atican beach? And did you like it? Let us know in the comments section. 

P.S – who is looking forward to part 2 of the wedding series? 

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The Reading Group – Elizabeth Noble| Review-ish 


How’s it going?

So I started reading this book a week ago! I was ready to drop it after a couple of hours because it was so bleh to me. I thought it was a bit boring but I decided to just continue and see whether I’ll eventually get into it because that happens sometimes. 

Surprisingly, that happened. I fell in love with the characters in the book. Although They’re so different and their struggles  are so complicated and different, I felt something reading it.

First of all, I love the idea of a reading group especially among friends as it is an opportunity to do something outside your regular activities and gist as well and if you know me well, you know I love gist. 

The book is basically about 5 women in a reading group and their lives. They meet once a month to discuss a book they’ve all read. (I really like some of the books they chose and might just go look for how to get and read them) Most times they get distracted by gist/real life issues but that made it feel real. For some of them it was a way of escape from their lives. They were dealing with infidelity, abortion, loss of a relative, infertility and so much more. 

This isn’t supposed to be a book review. It was just supposed to be about some parts of  the book I read and really liked but here we are! 

The point where Harriet and Nicole were talking and Harriet felt like she married the wrong person, settled for less. She always felt like there was something or someone better for her out there. 

I feel like, it’s like you reach a certain age and you choose the person you’re going to marry and you marry them and get membership to this club, and it’s a really nice club and you like all the other members, and you get to have a nice house and clothes and holidays and stuff, and great friends and you have these babies and these are like wow- the best thing that ever ever happened to you, and you can’t believe how much you love them but at the end of the day, when they’re in bed, and your friends have gone home and you’re sitting in your beautiful house, it stops being about all other stuff and it’s about that person you’ve chosen and only about them and they have to be the right person, because otherwise all of the other stuff doesn’t matter. 

 I was like damn sis. She literally has the best husband in the book but was too busy thinking the grass is greener on the other side. 

Harriet and Nicole had the best conversations tbh. I absolutely loved their friendship.

Here, Nicole was talking to Harriet about her serial cheater of a husband. She was the wife that kept forgiving him and felt that she was the problem. So terrible. 

Catching him in bed with that woman in Spain- well, it changed things for me. I think it changed me. It was like I could suddenly see things clearly. Like at that moment I realized it wasn’t my fault that Gavin is like he is. It isn’t because I’ve changed, or because something’s missing. It was never about me. It was about him having no strength, no willpower, no morals and, most of all, Harry having no love or respect for me.

I was like yassss sis. Finally! 

I genuinely enjoyed reading this book even if it took a while for me to really get into it.

I’d give this book a 7 out of 10. Lol 

I don’t have the e-copy of the book but I might be willing to lend my copy out to anyone interested. Emphasis on might. 

P.S – I got this book along with two other books for N1,000 somewhere in CMS. 

The weekend is over already! What did y’all do this weekend? Excited for the new week? 

We went to the beach yesterday and it was amazing. Expect a review on the blog soon but you can follow us on Instagram to see some pictures from our beach day! 

Wedding series: The planning (Part 1) 

I’ve heard people speak about the rigors that come with planning a wedding and I had always thought it was all exaggerated and stuff, I mean come on, it’s a wedding, it’s most likely like planning a party, right, right? Wrong! My turn came and I quickly realized “no be child’s play o.”

Welcome to “THE WEDDING SERIES” I hope to capture everything about my wedding (as much as I can), The opinions shared here are completely mine and do not in any way form the rule or only possible modus operandi. LOL…just thought to put out that disclaimer.

Yes so where were we? Oh yes…I’ll try to capture it all, however feel free to comment and message me if need be and I’ll be happy to assist in whatever way I can.


All things begin with God and His importance cannot be overemphasized. My goodness, when things start to go left, you start to get depressed, the worry kicks in, the arguing, unsolicited opinions, family input. BOY O BOY, it was not easy, funny I heard about all this but I was so certain we would be the exception LOL. I WISHED! We had to fast and pray regularly. Again, no rules, do what works for you, but GOD came through for me. We are not the best, most loved couple out there, but the favors were coming in and I owe it to GOD!


The first thing I did was open an Excel spreadsheet online that my fiancé, scratch that husband, and I could access and edit as required. You can do that using the Drive app on iOS.

The sheet had a list of all items needed for the wedding (traditional and white), from the minutest detail like toothpicks to the important ones like décor and food.

One fantastic thing about the app is that you and your partner can edit real time and put in figures as you get them. The main reason why we used this app was to have an estimate of how much we intend to spend and prioritize.

We divided our sheet into four categories, each representing one month and what should be sorted that month. (We started the planning 4 months before the wedding). This way, we didn’t leave things to the last minute. We focused on the items for the month and did our best to close them out before the month was done.

Oh boy! Weddings are expensive! Listing the expenses and getting a total would make you realize you need to reevaluate, cut out some things and adjust your cost! You might wonder, does this mean we can’t budget till we have the total costs? No. It’s safe to have your planned budget but be open to the possibility that you might (most likely) have to shoot beyond it as you go. This is why early planning is very important – to create time for unforeseen or unplanned expenses.

We had to assign roles on the items – who’s taking care of each item on the sheet. We shared with family as well, that way, we could keep track of progress.



We can’t always have what we want. Well some people can but yeah a higher percentage probably can’t. I fall under that percentage. As a result, we had to sit down, look through our list and develop a strategy that works. (You don’t have to use this strategy, whatever works for you)

We both picked two things we were willing to break the bank for, the others we were ready to compromise. I was particular about my dress and decoration. We agreed that these would be financial priority and based on the cost, other items on our list would have to take a back seat. It worked for us and I didn’t feel bad about the other compromise.


LOL! Trying not to throw shade of any sort, but if you wanna get a planner, please get a very good planner. I did most of my stuff myself and it was a bit frustrating because i had a planner. I was calling vendors myself and negotiating myself. Some planners will get you vendors with ridiculous budget, others will get you vendors with wack quality. I took matters into my own hands because i knew what I was willing to spend and what quality I wanted for it, anything that deviates from that I gotta handle it myself.

The key here is to realize that no one knows how you want your wedding to turn out but you. You can brief the best planners, but they’ll only give you what they consider good enough. This isn’t even a function of cost but taste. You’re going to have to get your hands dirty if you want what you want. Some prices might be ridiculous, don’t be scared of doing research and reaching out to vendors yourself. Remember, it’s your big day, you should have what you want.


You don’t want to be stuck with terrible vendors. Please don’t be deceived by some Instagram vendors. (of course, not all are wack) but yeah. Do your proper research. You don’t want a stuck up vendor, vendors that think they are doing you a favor. I developed some sort of relationship/friendship with all my vendors, so it was just not a service/product they are offering, it was deeper, that way it is harder for them to fuck you up. lol.


Not everything buy on instagram. Get to work, enter market, get your friends and loved ones to assist you. You will be amazed how much you will save.


You can’t be in charge of everything, you need to delegate before you run mad. My chief bridesmaid was in charge of the bridal party, their make up, hair accessories and styling, earrings, dresses. I was not involved in this at all. My mum took over souvenirs of course she ran it through me. I REPEAT, YOU CAN NOT DO IT ALL.


Next thing I did was try to sort my wedding dress because I wanted it done as early as possible to avoid stories that touch. I reached out to two vendors and eventually went with Mai Atafo. The meeting was very brief because I knew exactly what I wanted; A ball gown with sequin lace. We eventually concluded on An Ivory ball gown with hand beaded bodice, sequin Chantilly lace and lace border Applique around the bottom.

Mai is undoubtedly one of the best designers out there. My first fitting was pretty much perfect.

Different churches have different policies. My church requested a picture of me in the dress and the dress was initially rejected because the lace was a bit too see-through.  LOL I wanted to die when i got the mail. It worked out fine at the end of the day.

Final result here.


It is called MAID OF HONOR/BRIDESMAID for a reason. They are just not there to look pretty and take selfies. It is more than that. I feel like asking a friend to be a bridesmaid should come with a manual because a lot of people really don’t get it. I chose the best MAID OF HONOR and i can’t imagine what i would have done without her. My bridesmaids were also amazing and so helpful. Pick/Choose your bridesmaids wisely. Pick people that love you, that are selfless and ready to make your day as perfect as it can be, you will need all the help. Overall, some people are not cut out for all the bridesmaid wahala and its ok, but MAID is there for a reason, so yeah, take a minute to think about your decision.

This post would’ve been ridiculously long so we had to divide it into two parts. So, watch out for the second part next week.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. More exciting details to come!!

Let us know what you think in the comment section. For those that are married, feel free to also share your experience! We’d love to read them!

Tomorrow is Friday! YAY! What are your plans for the weekend?

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  • TITI






Hey guys!

How is it going?

So we obviously have not been taking the blog seriously and we are sure most of you are like it’s supposed to be life with two tees, two sisters but somehow one of them disappeared! LOL

Don’t worry guys! She’s back!

What were we up to in August???

– I was officially done with housemanship/housejob. I blogged about my experience here and Medicine in Nigeria.

– My friends and I celebrated Kemi’s birthday just before I left Ibadan. We all decided to sew Ankara tops, go out, eat good food and take pictures. We are so extra! I love it.

Kemi is the second on the right btw

– Titi’s bridal shower happened and it was great because the decor and cupcake toppers were DIY inspired. Shalla to those that thought and said it’d be trash. How you feeling now? SHADE. We blogged about the DIY cupcake toppers, you can read it here.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Titi got married!!!! It was such a busy but fun day. Started off with her her traditional marriage ceremony in the morning, then church wedding and the reception to end it all. The party was still on till 10pm. Only a Lagos wedding ends at 10pm or even later.

– I read two very interesting books in August. Shopaholic & Sister – Sophie Kinsella and Just One Look -Harlan Coben. I will most definitely be writing a review on Just One Look. It was a very intriguing book.

Titi is coming back! Yes! She’ll be blogging about her wedding prep and tips on dealing with the pre wedding stress. Watch out for that! We’re so excited! Omgosh


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Follow so you can be updated on the exciting new posts we have planned for you guys!

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