First of all, introduction…

Hey yall

I’m back!!! So, last week our elder sister did her introduction. I (Tosin) don’t go to a lot of Nigerian ceremonies so i was very excited. Titi, on the other hand always have one event or wedding to go to. Smh

Even though i had exams the Wednesday after, i tried not to think of it and just relaxed. We were all excited to be honest. Everyone tried to be home on Friday to prepare for the introduction. My mom, aunt and cousin went to the market to get the food stuff (Most exciting part!). Sadly, i have no pictures of the food.

For those who don’t understand what “introduction” is all about, let me explain briefly. It is basically a small gathering/ceremony where the groom and his family go over to the bride’s house to meet her family and ask for her hand in marriage. The families are introduced to each other, gifts are exchanged, a few words here and there and then everyone eats and it’s over.  It is supposed to be small thing but if you don’t know anything about Nigerians, you should know this: we don’t play with parties. “Ezz not a joking sturvs”. We grab every and any opportunity to sew native and look cute.

Okay, back to the gist. The introduction was supposed to start at 1pm but Nigerian time, it started at 2:30pm with friends and family arriving and making sure everything runs smoothly. Then the groom and his family arrived and the ceremony officially started. The groom arrived, then the bride and the introduction started off with prayer for both families and a short sermon. Then i went missing because every 5mins, someone was calling me to do something for them. -___- It ended with everyone eating and drinking.

Long story short, it was an eventful day and a wonderful experience for me. Here are some pictures from the introduction. (P.S – My sister is very reserved and kept telling my parents she doesn’t want crowd). I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t tradition, she’d have cancelled the introduction.





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