7 Women Share What They Are Grateful For In 2019

7 Women Share What They Are Grateful For In 2019

It’s important to stay grateful regardless of the different plots in 2019. It’s human to feel some type of way while seeing the achievements and accomplishments others might display on the internet but it’s really important not to lose sight of yours. I saw a tweet that said surviving 2019 was the accomplishment and I couldn’t agree more.

To inspire the attitude of gratitude despite how 2019 turned out, 7 people share their stories.

Let’s get right into it.

Looking back on 2019, I am grateful for the failures I had with workplace relationships. Being a young, female professional, who knows her worth (and is often described as aggressive) in Nigeria, comes with perceptions, stereotypes, and hurdles that have to be overcome. Some of these, I only became aware of when it was evident that I was failing at managing them properly. Regardless, I am grateful for the opportunity to have failed in dealing with these perceptions early on in my career with the stakes not being monumental. I look forward to improvements and making the important connections in 2020 LOL


There are so many things that I am grateful for from 2019, and at this moment, I am willing to share two of them. Firstly, I am grateful for a strong support system. There was a time in my life when I honestly thought that I could be all by myself, but this year I re-learned that this is impossible. We all need that support system and I will always preach about finding one – it could be friends, your siblings, your parents or even your colleagues. Secondly, I am grateful for forgiveness. Matthew 6 v 14 says it all.

Oreoluwa of ORE AREMO

2019 taught me to be grateful for life, good health, protection, provision & refreshing friendships. I went through childbirth in February and my baby & I came out hale and hearty. He is growing up well! We’ve made several trips this year and God has protected my family & me. Even though I didn’t achieve all my goals for the year, there’s the opportunity to keep going, so I’m still grinding & pushing. I know 2020 is going to be even better with more growth & breakthroughs by God’s Grace. I’m also really grateful for answers to longtime prayers.

Tuke Morgan of TUKE’S QUEST

2019 was a lot of things for me: Fun, rough, tough and a whole roller coaster ride experience. I was dealt a huge blow this year but I’m grateful that in the midst of it all, I had the support and I wasn’t alone. I’m grateful for the gift that is friendship, I had all the support I needed at my lowest point this year. I can be very uptight and not show emotions but I had friends that saw beyond the surface and reached out to my heart and held me down for real! Through the good and the bad times, they were there so I never felt alone at any point! Having friends that hold your hand, that lend you a shoulder to lean on, show you support and go all the way for you is a blessing, one that most people take for granted but for me, it’s a gift that I hold dear and this year, I’m super grateful for that special gift! Cheers to amazing friendships and a greater 2020!


Gratitude is nowhere near as straight forward as people pretend. I always assumed it would just come naturally but life isn’t that way. Things happen and you get caught up in the drama of everything, and it’s so easy to just forget that things are going great generally. This year, we found out that we were expecting our second baby and it put a lot of things into perspective for me. Realizing that most of the decisions I have made in the last couple of years were mostly fueled by my desire to live fully and by the support I found in the people closest to me. Being able to do things because the people around you value your development as much as they value theirs. It meant everything to me. I’m grateful for life and the ability to start something with the end in mind.I’m really grateful for life and the ability to start something with the end in mind.


I’m grateful for the gift of family, for their unwavering love and support. For the blessing of great friendships, my friends are the very best I won’t trade them for anything. For my employers, they put food in my mouth. For my baby/ business (whogomake) we are growing. For Twitter and Instagram, comedians thank you for the laughter. For my health, I’m still alive and breathing. For google. My life is way easier because it exists. Lastly, I’m grateful to God. God’s grace kept me even though anxiety nearly broke me. I was constantly reminded to stand still. I’m grateful for all the wins and thankful for the lessons.
Come on 2020! I am ready.


2019: My Year of Rest and Relaxation When I picked this out as my theme for the coming year in 2018, my focus was really on having a healthy pregnancy, easy labor and delivering a bouncing baby boy. Guess what? Check! Check! Check! The loAF of my life turned 7 months old on the 29th of December. I’m more than grateful for him. I am grateful for love in 2019. In 2018, I honestly couldn’t write this. Up to May 2019 actually. I’m grateful to be able to count love, my partner and my marriage as a part of my gratitude list! I am grateful for our parents this year! They showed me and my true love this year. Active love, putting their lives on pause to take care of me and Baby loAF. I can never repay this love that I have been shown. I was able to sleep through the night because my people stayed up for me. I am grateful for friends… friends turned family. For late-night comfort calls, for food comfort, for showing up, for listening, for correcting, for confirming… Thank you to my family. I am grateful for my successes at work this year! My 2018 performance review which I received in 2019 – an excellent babe! Even my 2019, a very good Babe! Local and international awards that show that I am putting in the work. One of those awards culminated in an all-expense-paid vacation for me and my spouse! R&R on A1! In all, I am grateful for a fulfilling 2019. I got my rest and relaxation in full. I was able to appreciate the rest because of the moments of unrest I had. My biggest lesson: everything will be alright. In the good times and the bad times, remember to give thanks.


Now it’s your turn, let us know what you’re grateful for from 2019? I will love to read all about it.


3 thoughts on “7 Women Share What They Are Grateful For In 2019

  1. A recurring theme from most of the ladies is the importance of a support system. I guess we are in times where the right relationships are necessary to help wade through life as we know it.
    Glad to see how these women pulled through and hoping to see more heartwarming stories shared as the year progresses.

    Happy new year, everyone.

  2. Super grateful for my family… We grew by one in 2019 and it was a surreal experience from pregnancy to birth. My heart exploded when my daughter had her first belly laugh in December. I am grateful for such a happy child.

    I am also grateful for introspection, unlearning and learning.

    And yes, having a support system is highly underrated… I love my siblings so much more and 2019 had us connecting even more.

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