Weekend | Food and Football.

Hello lovely people!! I feel like it's been forever. I'm probably feeling this way because I broke my phone on Saturday. It was tragic. I was sad and moody the whole day. I realized how important my phone is to me. My phone screen is messed up, the top part of my phone is basically... Continue Reading →


AMAs Style. YAY

Hey y'all! It's Monday again. Yay! I hope you have a productive week ahead. Last night was the AMAs! I did not watch it because of the time difference. However, I went on tumblr and saw pictures of the celebrities and what they wore. I wasn't very impressed with the outfits I saw though. I... Continue Reading →

Sometimes… Retro.

Hi everyone! It's Monday again!  We hope you all have a great week ahead. We will be skipping the 30 day blogging challenge today to post some pictures. Yay! We recently ordered some retrocode shirts and we just had to make a post about it. What we love about these shirts is how they can... Continue Reading →

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