Hi everyone! So, it’s day 4 and we are talking about our dream jobs.

To write about my dream job, I have to talk about the things I like. This will of course spiral into the dream which is to be paid to do what i like. So what constitute the things I like? There has to be a whole lot elements of fun. It has to involve a lot of travelling, lots of clothes, shoes, bags, watching TV shows, finance and innovation.

Now, the dream job.

  1. International TV firm – My role would be to watch and review TV shows. You know, like – is this show good enough to air on our station kinda job? LOL Obviously with heavy pay. So I come to work, I have my own cinema, popcorn, hot dogs and I just watch, review and get paid. I swear, I’ll do this everyday and will work 24 hours non stop.
  2. A tourism company – basically travel the world looking for fun vacation spots. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Meet people, learn different languages/ cultures. Yes, that’s a dream job.
  3. Work in companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft. I can be their finance director and help make sure their books are in order, advice them financially, write budgets, and all other financial stuff I don’t want to bore you with.

But here I am, in the bank. God please pick up. 🙂

  • TITI

With the way this medicine thing is set up, I feel like my dream job will change as I get older and progress in life. Right now, my dream jobs are:

  1. To work for the United Nations as a Doctor
  2. To travel the world as a Doctor like with Doctors without borders
  3. To work in a very good hospital sort of like Meredith and Kristina from Greys anatomy.

Obviously, as i get older, I’ll have less time to travel all over the place working because I’ll obviously have a family (husband and children). I am all about balance in life. I would love to be a great Doctor, Wife and Mother all at the same time and I know this is possible.


3 thoughts on “DAY 4 – 30 DAY BLOGGING CHALLENGE

  1. Hi,

    Honestly my dream job is everything titi has listed except the finance officer part lol

    1. A movie critic
    2. Any job that allows me travel the world
    3. Fashion correspondent for vogue, GQ magazine them.
    4. Footballer
    5. wildlife photographer/videographer
    6. political analyst

    See everything will bode along FUN lol anything that is congruent with my interests/likes is a dream job.

    i still plan on making one of em happen. shouldn’t have being an engineer for real Lol

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