Hey lovely people!  How are you all doing? Good, I hope! It’s day 6.. What are you afraid of?

I am afraid of failing – Not attaining the goals and Heights I have set. I really want to be successful and I work really hard to be.

I am also afraid of not having the kind of love I crave,  that true pure love. Anything short of that scares the hell out of me.

  • TITI

I am going with Titi on this one. I am so afraid of failing. Even when I was younger. In Secondary school, failing to me was getting a lower grade than what I got the semester before. I remember in JSS 2, the semester ended and I got 3Rd position.  I cried home and when I got home my dad asked why I’ve been crying thinking I failed and I told him I went from being the top of my class to the 3Rd. He then made me understand that although it was not as good as my previous result, I did so well and should be very proud of myself.  Long story short, I am so afraid of failing and failing to me is not doing as good as I know I can do.

I am also afraid of eventually settling when it comes to love.


2 thoughts on “DAY 6- 30 DAY BLOGGING CHALLENGE

  1. Hey y’all,

    I’m with you guys on this one.

    I’m afraid of failure. so scared of not living the kind of life i want due to the actions I may take or fail to take, or just life showing itself Lol

    I really don’t wanna fail in life, I want to die a happy and fulfilled man.

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