December already?

Hello all! How una dey? It’s December!! yay!!! I’m happy this year is almost over. What an eventful year! I’m super grateful and thankful to be able to see this day! My family and friends are alive and well. Super thankful.

I couldn’t sleep last night and usually I just end up reading a book or watching Youtube Videos. I was watching Jamie and Nikki’s vlog when this video popped up. I clicked on it o (Don’t worry, I have antivirus). Anyway, it ended up being the most hilarious video ever. I’ve always seen clips of pulse vids on instagram but watching a whole video had me laughing in the middle of the night like a crazy person. My fav parts 1:38; 3:00; 4:00 ; 5:46.


P.S – I finally got a camera! Whoop!


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