Dubai | Day 1

Ok so we got there on Thursday morning. You can read the first post here

I was quite tired from the flight, I slept the whole morning. Got up around 1pm. Decided to go to the mall close to the hotel to get a few things with my dad. Took some pictures.


I’ve missed Mcdonalds fries so much. It wasn’t as great as I expected it to be tho.


My dad got this. I didn’t even bother tasting it.


Benefits of going out with my dad: I never spend my money.


Got home  , sorry to the hotel, watched shameless, Youtube and slept.


So, apparently, Friday is like Sunday here in Dubai. Like everyone goes to church/Mosque, stores are not open till like 1pm. We went to church around 10. Taxis are pretty cheap here well compared to Lagos. The taxi fare was like 15 dirhams. Metro is even cheaper obviously.

Am I the only one that converts every currency to Naira( or whatever currency you’re used to) when I travel?  I just like to make sure I’m not going above my budget. I tend to forget I’m actually jobless. lmao

After church, we stopped by KFC cuz that was the only place open at the time. UGH. (KFC in the caribbean is the best. Don’t even bother arguing with me.) Got this for 20 dirhams which is like 1,100 naira and 5.5 dollars.Not worth it if you ask me.


More pictures.


After eating, we took a walk to Dubai creek. It was beautiful. It reminded me of bay front in Dominica, the only difference is that it’s a lot busier and there are different cruise boats (different prices) and small boats.



The cruise is usually at night so we decided to take the smaller boat to see the creek. We were four and we paid 80 dirhams. They bargain here too. So don’t visit and be forming tourist and drop all your cash. I’m sure the 80 sef is much cuz the guy initially called 120 dirhams.

(P.S – I wore heels to church. I pretty much only wear block heels and this particular one was extremely comfortable until I was about to enter the boat. LMAO)


Twin towers is apparently owned by the late Stella Obasanjo. I was in shock.I don’t know how true it is sha. Nigerian Politicians be living large while the people are suffering. Wonderful stuff!


This first building is a bank and it runs on solar energy. How amazing.


This boat apparently costs 80 million dirham. I was a bit confused. Like why are you going to buy boat if you have 80 million dirham which is like 433 million naira/ 2.1 million dollars. It just hit me that Naira is pretty useless right now.


We passed the ruler of Dubai’s palace but we were not allowed to take pictures. Apparently cameras are everywhere so I respected myself but I already sorta took one picture before  I saw the ridiculously big sign. It is so huge! Apparently, over 6,000 people work there.


We also passed the president’s office as well and his boat.


Then we took some pictures.


That was pretty much it. More pictures coming soon. I know this post has a lot of pictures in it. Bear with me my Naija peeps. I know data is expensive.

Lots of love,



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