Feelings ft Sirkastiq.

Before anyone hisses that I’m back here, shey you know the blog is “life with two TEES” not “life with two tees and a K” so anytime you see me here, just take it like that. But yeah, It’s always great to feature on here and share one or two things with you amazing people.
So what am I talking about today?
I feel it is time for me to address this issue of feelings. It’s not like I’m an expert on the matter but the other day, I was chilling under one coconut tree like this when I saw this tweet


“How do you know when you’ve caught feelings?”
See yeah, forget what you see on Telemundo and Zee; that’s all acting and is mostly detached from reality. Many of us grew up expecting to have the butterfly in tummy experience and all we ever got was running stomach and a brain wave of worries. You grow up thinking you want a guy that’s tall, dark and handsome but then you meet one who’s all this and all you’re not sure if you have caught feelings or just living out  fantasy.
See ehn, it’s not that deep. Just pause.
What are feelings?
Maybe if you can clearly define this, you’ll be able to explain what is happening to you as it’s happening.
To some, catching feelings is what happens when you’re out with your girls and this guy walks in looking all fly and smelling like he walked straight out a perfume ad (Even though he’s 50m away, you can perceive his scent). Looking at him, your jaw drops open, you get weak in the knees and you picture yourself in his tight grip, probably squeezing you tight while planting passionate kisses on your lips.
My friend, that’s the power of your imagination!
To others, catching feelings is what happens when you just become a dosgbe whenever you are in the presence of that person; like you can’t articulate your words, you can’t do anything, you’re just a complete mumu.
Truth is, that’s a medical condition!
The romantic books say something about your heart skipping a beat. As per your heart decides by itself that no o, I don’t want to beat in normal rhythm again, I want to join Don Jazzy and co to be doing beatmasters.
That’s risky bruh.
I think, feelings aren’t just a matter of your heart. They are a combination of a lot of things mostly starting with physical attraction; based on what you see, you are then drawn to connect with this person. However, you should let your sense be involved in the entire process. Forget what you heard about “following your heart”. Who heart don epp?
Attraction is the evidence of feelings. Don’t however think that because you have feelings for Ajapa, Ajapa should automatically have feelings for you. For some of us, feelings need to grow, time needs to play its role for the benefit of both parties. So next time you’re wondering if you have feelings for someone, don’t think too deep, if the initial attraction is there, give it time and see whether you still “feel” the same after several encounters.
The answer to the question sha is that, I really don’t know how you know you’ve caught feelings. It differs for us all.
Till next time y’all. Later.

– Sirkastiq


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