Getting It Right

First of all, I’ll like to know what you thought when you saw that title.

Don’t lie.

Secondly, I know, I know. It’s quite surprising to find me on here and you’re probably wondering what I have to say on a predominantly fashion/lifestyle themed blog. There’s this thing called “knowledge” that allows the one who possesses it the ability to ‘speak’ on a myriad of issues.

Anyway, there’s a possibility I’ll be a regular here if the owners of the blog deem me worthy. This is like my mock exam (and unlike most exams I’ve failed in time past), I hope I ace this one.

So anyway. Today, let’s talk about gift giving because this is a major issue in this life.

Ladies, you know how you feel when your close male friend’s birthday is coming up and the only gifts you can think of getting are boxers, socks, wallet, shirts, perfumes, wristwatches, maybe phones (if you’re nice like that) and a clipper set. Is it that our life is not beyond these items?

Also guys (I hope you’re here), you know how our own list includes things like bags, shoes, perfumes, jewelry, and cash. After that, we knock like an old engine.

There’s more that we could do.

Please, women, let me tell you one secret like this: for us guys, it’s more about the thought or how much you go out of your way. What this means is, I’ll probably appreciate the fact that you got me a FIFA 16 game (which I’ve always wanted from Amazon, because it’s not in Nigeria) than that you got me a very expensive fossil watch (from shoprite behind your house)

Well, that’s for men that have sense sha. LOL

Go the extra mile, most of us forget that gifts should be things we’d remember and appreciate because they are unique and sturvz. It could be something as simple as a screwdriver set because you know he likes handy work. It could be a sketch pad because he likes drawing.

Same thing when gifting things to babes, the key here is picking up on hints. Ladies are good at subtly letting you know what they want. The problem is they’ll tell you in August 2015 but they expect you to remember for their birthday in June 2016.

So you gotta remember!

And don’t be general. If she likes perfumes, look for the particular one she loves. If she’s about human hair, don’t go and buy Alariwo hair when she’s said she only deals with Daniella Hair. The fact that you remember the little details is the major key here. Ladies love the specificity.

In all of this sha, just know that these guys (T & T) got you covered when it comes to unique signature pieces and costume jewelry. So once you’re done reading this, feel free to check up their available pieces and order here

Till next time (soon I hope)

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