Glen Stewart Park Review – The perfect place to escape the city.

Glen Stewart Park Review – The perfect place to escape the city.

Today “OnTheBlog, I will be reviewing Glen Stewart Park which is all about scenery and relaxation. If you’ve had a demanding week or just looking for a new location to visit in my lovely city of Toronto, then this should be on your list.

Yes, we are talking about parks today.

Glen Stewart Ravine Park is one of those places that is so picturesque you wonder why people hardly talk about it. (You should know, once the word picturesque is generally used to describe a place, I must visit).


351 Glen Manor Dr, Toronto, ON M4E 2X8

How to get there

The bus system in Toronto is pretty direct and easy, so if you do use it, the closest stops are Glen Manor Drive or the Malvern stop (depending on what direction you are coming from). If you are driving, it is best to park in a neighbourhood street and walk down.

Who should visit

New in town? Resident looking for a new location? If you are a lover of nature, then this is the place for you! Glen Ravine Stewart is tranquil, serene and calm (Don’t all those adjectives just make you want to lie down and relax? ). It is also perfect for a stroll, cyclers, runners and hikers – as It does have a lot of stairs. You can also bring your dog along, but just make sure they are on a leash.

Glen Stewart Park

What to expect

A beautiful hidden oasis, lots of lush and green trees (mostly red oak and maple trees – excuse my little knowledge of trees), a beautiful boardwalk and stairs. You can even smell the beautiful air. (Yes, this is a thing!)The sound of the rustling leaves and birds chirping away will make you feel like you escaped to one of Ontario’s amazing Provincial Parks.

Why you should visit

If you can’t escape or don’t want to leave the city, this is the place to be. For a second I forgot that I was in Toronto. A super peaceful atmosphere that leaves you feeling like you descended into some enchanting tree-filled realm.

Glen Stewart Park


Price: Free
Address: 351 Glen Manor Dr, Toronto, Ontario
When to visit: Open all year
Why you need to go: Relaxing, beautiful boardwalk trail that makes you feel like you escaped the city, also very good for pictures.

Glen Steward Park

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