The Lekki Art and Craft market had always been on our list of places to visit in Lagos, I mean, it’s generally known as a common tourist spot in Lagos. However, for some inexplicable reasons, we just hadn’t been there. There’s just something about it that calls out to you – might be a retail therapy kind of thing, or maybe it’s the allure of pictures we’d seen on Instagram, ah, let’s not forget the fact that it was one of the places JCole visited while in Lagos. Whatever the case, it was just a five minute drive away from home but still not visited, so it  did feel really good striking this off our list.

Although this was a spur of the moment visit, (our initial plan was to go to Omu resort but thanks to heavy rain), we opted for the more convenient option and the art and craft market won hands down. Our weekends could be quite tight because there’s always the possibility of working, but this was one that worked out well for both of us.

We (mostly Titi) did a lot of research, read several posts, and sadly, discovered for ourselves  that not every information on the internet is true.img_20180529_151715-016279722540741560691.jpegGetting there was a total mess for us, we used Google maps, so we didn’t come in through the major route. Our volunteer tour guide led us through what seemed like a complete dead end. Through the Israelite-like journey, we kept asking ourselves if this was the route people had passed to arrive at this promised land. Turns out IT WASN’T! We had to park our car and walk (the road was so bad and we were not about to add car repairs to our bills). Thankfully, we arrived safe and sound.

TIP – Ensure you take the major route and ask people if you need to. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT drive in through Jakande market!

We were not going to let the struggle journey spoil our day, we put on our adventure hats and stayed determined to take over the market. We immediately started recognizing places from pictures we saw online so that was pretty cool. The market was very familiar yet we’d never been here -One of the benefits of doing your research before a trip.img_20180529_152531-48071402315747804482.jpeg

We read so many reviews online concerning shopping and prices that will make sense to a foreigner. However, for those of us (eyin temi) that live here, you gotta bargain well. My mum taught me this a while ago, a seller quotes a price, you start with 25% of that price and agree somewhere between 40-45% and it works all the damn time.

What we loved about the market

Not as crowded as the average Lagos market. This is a major reason why we avoid markets here in general. The stress outweighs every other thing and shopping becomes super stressful.

Zero harassment (both verbally and physically) We were beyond shocked because catcalling or physical harassment is the norm in a typical Lagos market. If you have been to Yaba market, you’d know what exactly we’re talking about. We wore shorts, and Titi had a kimono with her just in case people decided to go bereft of theirs senses, but thankfully we did not have to deal.

They have the dopest art works, paintings, craft items like key holders, pens, wooden home decor materials. Tosin particularly liked the Ankara infused bags, books, hand fans, sandals etc. We really don’t think she can get enough of that. Bottom line is, get ready to shop till you drop.img_20180529_153125-017140730540950998286.jpegNow another major tip is to have a budget before going because it can get overwhelming and you find yourself buying things you don’t even need.

What we didn’t like –

The journey there reminded Tosin of the days she used to go hiking in Dominica (I’m not even exaggerating. The difference is usually at the end of the hike, there’s always a beautiful view and the feeling of being fit but alas)

The road was really bad – Although we apparently passed the wrong way and our “tour guide” was happy to take us through this route. So maybe this does not count because the normal way there isn’t so bad.

Major Tip: Do not visit when it is raining.

We will definitely visit again and this time we’ll make sure we pass the proper road. Overall, it was a good visit and we’ll rate it a 7.5/10.

Oh how could we forget to show y’all what we bought!!!

Tosin bought keyholders. 😰 Titi bought two bags, a waist bead and anklet. She has not stopped talking about the Straw bag. 🤦🏾‍♀️


Thank you for reading as always.


We hope you enjoyed reading and tell us if you want more posts like this. Please share your thoughts, have you visited? did you like it? Any recommendations for similar places you’d like us to check out?

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  1. I visited this January amd got some fab goodies. Like you, I came through Jakande Market. The roads were really bad and we had to pack a distance away too. The goodies we found made up for for the not so fun jourmey. Your pics are fab. I didnt get to take a lot of photos.😑

  2. So i have read reviews from two different people that it isnt good to go during the weekend, please why? The weekend is pretty much the only time i have to go but id like to know why it isnt okay to go during the weekend.

  3. Love Love Love how you’re coordinating with those floral shorts ! And that kimono is fantastic !!!
    I hope I eventually get to visit so that I can finally cop one of those straw bags I see everywhere.
    Thank you for being great tour guides <3

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