Happy new year | 2016 

Happy new year | 2016 

Hey beautiful people! Happy new year!! I’m very excited for 2016. After church last night, I had this intense stomach pain, nausea and discomfort for a while (Ulcer problems). I immediately went to take my antacid. The devil tried to show himself but obviously he is a loser so I’m alright. Anyway, that’s story for another post.  I usually don’t set too much goals at the beginning of the year. I feel like as the year goes by, new goals come up. I’m very blessed. I started last year not hopeful, not believing that God is really there for me. 2014 was the worst year of my life and I was just over everything at the beginning of 2015 but God came through. I can’t even start listing how God came through. Oh and I was able to pass my licensing exam here in Nigeria as you all know. I am more than happy and thankful right now and even more sure of what I want to do with my life and who (the kind of person) I want to be with. 

I’m going to be posting most of the blog posts because Titi is really busy and if I don’t post anything then what’s the point really. Ya get me? Ok good. 

Now, this year I’m going to start working as a Doctor! Finally eh. I feel like my tumblr friends would understand that ‘Finally’. I was in med school for a while. LOL. I’m most likely moving to another state and although it is exciting I’m low key a bit worried. Maybe it’ll help me work on my social skills… That’s a good thing right? 

I pray this year is a great year for all of us. We had a family devotion this morning with every member of the family present and my Dad shared Deut 28: 1-14 with us after everything and we decided that we will all personally read it everyday at least for the month of January. So feel free to check it out and read it to yourself. Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read our blog. We appreciate it. Please continue reading. We promise you this year will be more exciting so stay tuned! 


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  1. Sigh the devil tried it stupes! ….btw Congrats Tosin! “my Selzy Doctor”. 2015 was definitely the year i figured out that there’s no surviving on this earth without God… anyway I’m excited for you guys for your blog and what 2016 has to offer! Happy New Year!!

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