OMG! It is a new year! Can you believe 2018 is here already? WOW! Are you guys super excited or is it just me? Sigh OK then.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! *Inserts prayer, heart desires, needs and wants, all shall be granted in Jesus name*

This isn’t a New Year resolution post or a 2017 review post. I have read a lot of reviews, a lot of tweets on achievements and all that, it’s amazing to see a lot of good stuff happening out there. Just brings hope- and hope is a very good ingredient for starting a year.

As 2018 crept up on us, I contemplated doing a year-end review, making New Year resolutions or just winging it. I guess I am sticking with the latter.

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I know a lot of people achieved a lot this year, a lot didn’t. I did a bit of reflection and my initial reaction was to feel like I didn’t achieve much, I mean compared to the amazing stories on social media, I didn’t get promoted, I didn’t land a dream job but the initial feeling quickly faded and I can’t help but be thankful. I am in good health, I still have a job, I married the love of my life, and my family are in good health. That is a lot in my book.

I know there are people like me who  feel  they didn’t achieve much, don’t let social media make you feel bad, 2017 is in the past and we have a whole new year to kick ass, so shall we??

Can we all promise to embrace the small joys of life? To not take things for granted? To be kind to our self and engage in self-care? To soak up every aspect of the wonderful big moments, to confront our fears? I mean what is the worst case scenario… you not trying is the worst case scenario.

Let’s cheers to trying, to a greater 2018 for us all. Happy New Year.

How are you feeling about the New Year? New Year’s resolutions? 2017 review? Please share your thoughts with us.

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