Life lately.

Life lately.

Hey guys! How’s it going?

I haven’t written a personal post in a minute and I haven’t been so active on Instagram so I thought I should share what I’m currently up to.

So I’m currently…

Accepting that sometimes things are not okay or going to go well and that’s life. It’s not necessarily about me or what I’m doing right or wrong.

Reading two books atm. If Beale street could talk by James Baldwin and When the crawfords sing by Delia Owens and funny enough I see some similarities. Loving both so far! I have three paperbacks and two ebooks on my TBR list this month.

Loving my new job. I’ve learnt so much in a such a short time. It’s actually quite amazing. I also love that it’s flexible and I get to sleep at home every night. #Winning.

Practicing this self love thing. I read about it and I’m always reposting things about self love on my instagram story but I have been trying to actually go beyond just reading about it. When life gets overwhelming, I am practicing self love and taking care of my mental health.

Feeling stressed but blessed. I’ve had a rough first quarter of the year and to be able to say I’m feeling blessed is a blessing on its own.

Trying to be more patient with people I love. Trying to see things from their perspective sometimes and not react based on my expectations.

Learning to save for the rainy days. Y’all I don’t know how to save and it’s mad stressful. I usually blame it on unplanned expenses but It’s really just an excuse.

Interested in volunteering. I mentioned this thing last year but somehow never got around to it. Please I need an organization that needs volunteers. It’ll be nice if it’s easy to join as well. Know any? Please share! I’m actually begging guys.

Hoping to get all the schmonayyy I need for all the numerous exams and plans I have before the end on the year. Pray for me guys!

I know this list can go on and we’ll be here till tomorrow so let me stop here so you can get back to your life.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share what you’re currently doing in the comments section.



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  1. I belong to an NGO and are open to receiving new volunteers for our outreaches! I would send you more details!

  2. Happy birthday to the Fiancé! I’m hoping the rest of your year will be awesome! It’s good to put your thoughts into writing sometimes

  3. That is great, I am rooting for you! Being patient is truly a virtue. And once you develop it, youd be thankful. Even the process of developing patience requires patience. Tips on saving? I can help you out. Its something I have been doing a lot for a few years now! Send me a whatsapp.

  4. What I’m currently doing, well I’m a travel blogger that shares travel experiences, I also visit tourist destinations.
    I love what you guys are doing here @lifewithtwotees
    If I may, are you twins?
    Please visit my blog

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