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Bae being a nerd.

So I started typing this on the ward while waiting for my call to be over… Yes, I know I didn’t have to sit there but I had a couple of things to hand over to the next  person on call.

I started paediatrics last month and oh boy! It’s been interesting. Let me just mention that my unit presented at Grand Round two weeks ago and I had to present the case. I was so nervous before it started but then again I work with the best people so the moment I started the actual presentation, I wasn’t as nervous. I was in pulmonology so we had a presentation on Pneumonia and emphasized the fact that people should not be dying from Pneumonia. It went well overall and since then I’ve had random people come up to me to tell me I did really well. Lol hayy! 

In my one month in paediatrics, I realised people are suffering in this country. Also  realised that the poor people are the ones that want to have ten children. It’s annoying. It’s so hard not to judge them and flip out. Why the hell are you having more babies ma?? You can’t even afford food for one child. You  now bring your sick child and can’t even buy anything. Bruh. It’s in this paediatrics, I started spending my money for my patients…. I can’t exactly see a hungry child and look the other way. 

What is annoying is that some of them don’t even care. I legit spend at least N500 everyday in paediatrics. Obviously, I’m getting to the point where I don’t give a shit sadly. I can’t come and die because people don’t want to have sense and stop having children they can’t take care of. 

Anyway,  I still haven’t gotten a room inside the hospital because I applied late and I didnt hustle for it tbh but my friends got rooms so I’m kind of covered. It would’ve been nice to have gotten a room sha. Lowks. 

I started otchew (children’s emergency ward) this month which is great because it’s a shift like posting. You have two morning shifts, two afternoon shifts, and two night shifts and then two days off. Morning shift is from 8am-4pm. Afternoon shift is from 4pm-10pm. Night shift is from 10pm-8am. Amazing right? 

I’m finishing this blog post because I resume work at 4 and i have the whole day to myself. The problem however is you don’t exactly get to leave when it’s the end of your shift because there will always be things for you to do…. Sadly. I left few minutes past two in the morning today.. A whole four hours after my shift ended. Strezzup! 
Life has been stressful tbh. They’ve not paid salary for two months now which is blowing my mind because they are overworking us. Last month i did alternate day calls. Which means i was on call every other day. Before you even recover from one call youre already on call again and then we had two consultant ward rounds in a week which means, pre consultant ward round summaries and pcvs. I was legit depressed last month. I complained every day and was very close to quitting this housejob of a thing but God came through. 

Other than work stress, I’ve been doing okay. I have some amazing friends and I have the most supportive and awesome boyfriend. I’ll gist yall how I met said boyfriend eventually. Lol

Can you believe it’s December already? I sure can’t! I’m super grateful to be alive and well. I know Ive been a bad blogger this year. I don’t even think I can call myself a blogger sef but I promise to do better next year. 

Did you achieve all what you wanted to this year? How has the year been for you? Looking forward to the new year? 

Let me know in the comments section. 



3 thoughts on “Life update

  1. Interesting read. God is your strength dear. I necessarily did not achieve all I had planned to this year but I keep my faith in God, keep trusting God and totally surrender to HIS will. All the best Doc…
    P.S…pediatrics is my favorite

  2. Hello dear—glad you are doing okay amid all these stress. We need to read more gist—the love story especially. I did not set goals as such for this year, I just got tired of all the ‘new year resolution stuff’ and just wanted to let things flow(I’m probably the only one that understands that). But while doing my devotion this morning-I came aross Duet 8:7-10 and i’m holding on to those for 2017(somebody shout halleluyah! 🙂 ).So! I am looking forward to the new year with plenty of plans that I hope to achieve. Besides, I forgot to tell you I love you the last time we saw. Take it easy cousin. Titi oooo! we need to talk-call me.

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