March | Turning 25



Hey guys! Happy new month! It’s been a minute eh! How’s it going on your end? Things have been okay on our end. Same old shit. Nothing new. Actually, new development …… WE ARE SELLING SOME BEAUTIFUL ACCESSORIES! IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN OR HEARD ABOUT THIS, I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY TO YOU RIGHT NOW BUT JUST HEAD OVER HERE. I FORGIVE YOU!

Oh and Titi’s birthday was on Saturday! Yay!

and Mine is on Thursday. How cool is that? She’s 4 days older than me.

LMAO If you fell for that then I don’t even know again. Obviously we are two years apart.

I feel like February went by quickly. I don’t know how I feel about that yet. So i’ve been jobless for 4 months now I think. I have gotten to the point where I’m considering that smelling thing called Supra. If you don’t know what that is, then maybe you should read this post so you’re not so confused. I can’t sit at home forever and the annoying part is that I can’t move on with my life either because I kinda have to do this internship thing. I’m thinking of just saying fuck it and starting my Masters but then when I calm down and think well, I realize it’s better to just do this thing and get my permanent license. What do you guys think? (For those of you who know the struggle or have heard about the struggle)

I turn 25 on Thursday! Big one eh? No, not really actually. Before I went to Med school, I never celebrated my birthday. My parents are so religious and they were always like ‘birthdays are not that important. It’s the day you give your life to Christ you should celebrate.’ I wasn’t really an outgoing person so I was fine with that. I started premed when I was almost 18. I made some friends. I lived where people ‘vacationed.’ Life was pretty good. I was adventurous, did things out of my comfort zone, celebrated my birthdays. Well, I didn’t really celebrate it (like throw a party or anything). My friends were pretty cool and amazing so they always plan something and it always turned out great. Oh I almost forgot the midnight surprise thing that happened every year. lmao. It was so expected and it got to the point where if you didn’t get one, you might actually feel bad.

How I feel about turning 25.

  • What the hell? When did I get so old?
  • I feel like I haven’t achieved much. I know, I know! You guys, just like every one else are probably at this point saying ‘ Um, You finished med school, You passed the licensing exam’. I know those are things to be proud of but I just feel like people have done these things and are still doing greater things so bleh.
  • I definitely know who I am and what I want in life(career/relationship wise). It’s just hard to be focused sometimes the way Nigeria is set up. Nigeria is frustrating. Nigeria is that devil that just fucks everything up. (P.S – Did y’all know Fuel Scarcity is back! )

Things I want to do this year (being 25)

  1. Travel
  2. Start Internship
  3. Make friends
  4. Go back to being adventurous
  5. Eat more
  6. Exercise more
  7. Sleep well

This list should be longer but I’m typing this at 2:30 am so I’ll just stop here.

(PPS – I’ve gained weight. This is exciting because I’ve been underweight for years now. I’m not sure I’m feeling the weight gain tho so I think I’ll start exercising.. Not to lose the weight but to get toned. I can’t be walking up and down with this big belly. It’s really awkward when you’re petite, slim and you have a big belly.)

Shalla to all of you reading our blog. We appreciate and love every single one of you. Thank you!




7 thoughts on “March | Turning 25

  1. Awe. Such a relaxing post to read. And so happy to see you are turning 25 tomorrow!
    In terms of achievements: sometimes seeing your own achievements is difficult, gotta see it through some other lens! In those cases, writing or updating your cv could actually
    Help. It would show how much you have achieved and will instill in you the desire to do more.

    Traveling? Internship? Exercise? Go for it! What you can think, you can do.
    Set your mind to achieve those goals, and already start seeing yourself achieving them:)

    Regarding your masters: girl, I know the struggle. What I would suggest (and what has worked for me so far) is to highlight my plans, from A-Z( ok I don’t usually have 26 plans, more like 4-5 as backups if one doesn’t turn out my way. That can also help you in terms of visualizing how you want your year to go and considering all options. You can also look up degrees online (Masters) as they could be a more flexible option for you (Doing internship + studying online). Unless of course you want the graduate school student experience.

    The world is your platform, use it!

    (And sorry for the long reply… Hehehe)

    1. Clem! Thank you so much for commenting and I absolutely love the long reply! Thanks for the encouraging words too! I shall look into online masters programmes. Although it might be hard to balance internship and studying.

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