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Hey guys! How’s February going? So remember the giveaway we had last week?Well, I tried to personally deliver the items to the winners. ( I know, I know! I’m nice like that) Anyway, I’m not exactly familiar with some parts of Lagos so it was hectic but the excitement of some of the winners made it worth the stress.  This is not what this post is about.

So while I was delivering one of the items, I got lost. Yes, Lost! Now, a lot of people in Lagos Nigeria are frustrated because our great nation is a mess atm. So when you ask people for help or directions, you’re not exactly sure what you’ll get. People are always nice to me though probably out of pity but I don’t mind. Anyway, so this happened.

Me to random guy: Please do you know where *inserts address* is located?

Bear in mind that I already asked two people for directions and they directed me to the wrong place.

So, he wasn’t sure either so I was like ‘It’s okay! Thanks!’ ( I was just telling my sister last week about the fact that Nigerians don’t like to say they don’t know. When you ask them for directions, even if they don’t know where the place is, they’ll definitely say something probably along the lines of ‘I dont know that place o but go straight’. I was telling my sister how annoying that is. Why confuse me more? I would genuinely appreciate someone telling me they don’t know than directing me wrongly just for the sake of it.)

Stranger – No, it’s fine. Let’s go ask those guys.  *P.S – He has that proper, clear Nigerian accent yeah?* 😉

we both walked to the guys and right when I was about to start asking the guys, he quickly asked them if they know the address.

Of course, those ones too had to give their own take on how lost I was.

He suggested I call the person I was going to meet for directions and I did just that. I was still confused.

Stranger: You know what? Let me speak to the person. I should be able to direct you after. I live around the area.

I passed my phone to him (Thinking back now i’m really not sure why I trusted this stranger. Maybe his dark chocolatey face and clear accent had something to do with it but I’m not sure sha. Haha). He spoke to the person and we both went to the place.

While all this was going on, we talked for a bit (Found out he was on his way home). Basic talk of course and i was constantly thanking him for totally devoting about 20 minutes of his life to help me.

Him: It’s okay. Are you like a delivery person?

Me: No, actually I’m not.

Him: So what do you do?

Me: Um (This is an awkward question at this point in my life because what do I really do though? Other than sleep and eat?) The thing is I kind of have a blog and I had a giveaway so I’m just trying to deliver the items to the winners.

Him: Oh what’s the name of your blog?

Me: (Oh gosh! This blog is not even 4 months old.) Um Lifewithtwotees.

Him: Okay.

After the delivery was made, we talked and he asked for my number. In my head, I was like ‘Nah dude’ but obviously ‘Sure’ came out of my mouth. LOL

He called later to make sure I got home safely and I wasn’t wandering around Lagos like a lost puppy. LMAO.

Moral of the story: A total stranger just decided to help me. He could’ve been like ‘I dunno’ which is fine by the way. But he didn’t. He could’ve assisted me to the point of getting directions but he went further to follow me there which he really didn’t have to . Thinking back now, the Nigerian in me is like ‘Girl! He could’ve been a kidnapper! WYD?’ but I really did appreciate the niceness and the stranger is now a friend. LOL (You people like gist). I put myself in his position and I know for sure i’d have stopped at ‘I don’t know’.

He inspired me to work on being nice and helpful to not only people I know but strangers. Look at the Jumoke story that is all over the internet. TY Bello did not have to be nice to her. She didn’t know her and owed her nothing but she decided to be kind and that little act of kindness (taking the picture and telling her story and not saying ‘Please get this woman out of my picture abeg’) changed Jumoke’s life.

Just try to be kind to people in any little way you can. The stranger in this story was kind enough to not leave me lost on the road.

Would you have gone out of your way to help a stranger?

I’m sure the world will be a better place if everyone is kind to one another. Don’t you think?



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