Sunday Rice.

Hello there! How are you? No seriously, this is not a rhetorical question. Tell me how you’re doing. Okay. So you know how every Sunday, there’s that obligatory Sunday rice for lunch and a long ass nap right after? Well, we decided to go to China town restaurant, Mega Plaza for the rice.


  • Prices are not bad.
  • The service was quick. They brought the menu immediately we sat down despite the crowd.
  • Didn’t eat in there but the place was filled when we got there so they must be doing something right abi
  • The food wasn’t spectacular. It was just bleh. I won’t front sha… I finished it. I was hungry.
  • The pepper sauce is quite good. The only thing I liked tbh



The heat in Nigeria has been slightly ridiculous lately so we find ourselves looking for anything to keep us from exploding.

This definitely helped.


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