The Backyard Lagos – Review

Hey guys! It’s been a long minute, right? Seems like we were gone till November, no? We have no legit excuse for our little disappearing act but let’s just say life has been overwhelming, in spite of that, here we are!!! Thankful for good health and life, we hit the streets again. The backyard Lagos... Continue Reading →


Post housejob Life – Atican beach 

Hey guys!  A lot of people keep asking what I'm doing now that I've finished housejob.  Honestly, I wish I had like a focused/deep answer to tell y'all but the truth is I've basically been trying to gain weight, hanging with my family, meeting new friends, reading a whole lot - non medical books. (Stop... Continue Reading →

Olivia’ cafe

So as I said in my last post, I'm in the children's emergency ward this month and it's a shift like system. So guess who has the day off today? Yea, me! I have more time now to chill with friends, eat, sleep and just live. One of my friends decided that we should go... Continue Reading →

Road Chef | Review

Hey guys. This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while. I actually wrote it along with the bay lounge review but somehow ended up not posting it. I went the same day too. I'd already been there before like three times. I saw some reviews online and figured why add another review... Continue Reading →

Bay Lounge| Review

Not too long ago, I stopped by at bay lounge with a friend. this was my second time going there. I absolutely love the place. The best time to go is right before the sun sets. Gosh. that view is what you're paying for tbh and no regrets. the music is good. sometimes they have... Continue Reading →

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