Post housejob Life – Atican beach 

Hey guys! 

A lot of people keep asking what I’m doing now that I’ve finished housejob.  Honestly, I wish I had like a focused/deep answer to tell y’all but the truth is I’ve basically been trying to gain weight, hanging with my family, meeting new friends, reading a whole lot – non medical books. (Stop judging me! Sheesh!), working on making the blog better, watching YouTube videos on photography, trying to explore Lagos. 

If that isn’t focused, then I don’t know what is.

On Saturday, we went to the beach. Now a lot of you should know that I love going to a good beach. Unfortunately, Since I’ve been back in Nigeria – 3 years now, I’ve  honestly not been to a good beach. I know my standards are high coming from the Caribbean – beach heaven but i’m really not asking for too much. Nice clean white/black sand, clear blue water- okay maybe that’s a reach, tiki bar or a beach bar/restaurant, shade, nice blue sky is also not a terrible addition for the sake of the pictures and the gram! . I mean, is this really too much to ask for? 

It’s very hard to see a clean beach in Lagos. I’m not sure why people are so dirty and think it’s normal to throw stuff in the ocean. Like have some self respect. Sheesh. 

Let’s not even talk about how hard it is to get a nice picture on the beach with the background looking like a refuse ground.  
Due to my terrible experiences, I barely go to the beach. In fact, I don’t think I own a bikini anymore. Totally not related to the fact that my ‘six pack’ abs is like one pack now. 

This is almost turning to a rant. Typical. 

Anyway, Last Saturday trip to the beach was initially supposed to be me going for my boyfriend’s friend’s birthday party but my people also decided to go to the beach- impromptu. I was already conflicted like damn. How will I divide myself now. Lo, and behold. It turned out to be the same beach. Look at God. 

It wasn’t so difficult to locate the beach as one of us had already been before but we still had to get a bikeman to lead us there for N200.

On getting there, we paid N1,000 each. My nephew obviously did not have to pay so I assume it’s free for kids? 

There was a car park area which I think is quite nice. The hustle to park cars in this Lagos is real.

It is super family friendly. There was a playground for kids. There was also a fun ride for adults/kids which we eventually decided to go on- turned out not to be free. It was N500 per person. I don’t know why I feel like they just looked at us and gave us price but maybe that’s just the Lagos babe in me talking. N500 is not too bad tho. 

This is manual as per two guys literally rolling the thing with their hands.
The view from up there. Magical.
I had a mini panic attack and told the guys to stop because i needed to get off ASAP!

There were different bamboo shades with tables/seats where you could chill. The joke was when a random guy came and said we should pay N15k for the space. Super cute.
Considering we were just four adults and one kid, we decided not to pay. Lol

We did not pay because he said we could stay but we shouldn’t put our stuff on the table so people will know the place isn’t occupied. Lmao smh 
There were different people selling stuff from bracelets, earrings,headbands, to goat meat -asun, chicken and chips, and coconut water. 

Bae got me the bracelet but I got the earrings and the headband for N500

The coconut water bit reminded me so much of the Caribbean. I miss the Caribbean so much. 

There was also free music and random guys offering horse rides – Not free obvs.
Loved the fact that there were nice places to take pictures. However I Didn’t like the fact that the beach was crowded but who no like better thing? I heard it’s never really crowded normally though. 

I really really like this beach and would definitely go there again.

Name of the beach – Atican beach. 

Location – Somewhere in Ajah. 
What other beaches do you know in Lagos? 

Have you even been to Atican beach? And did you like it? Let us know in the comments section. 

P.S – who is looking forward to part 2 of the wedding series? 

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9 thoughts on “Post housejob Life – Atican beach 

  1. Good to know. This was one of the beaches I considered earlier in the year when I had the craving to go to one. Eventually settled for Ibeno (not sure this is the right spelling) in Akwaibom. Wasn’t expecting much and I wasn’t disappointed.
    As kids we used to go to Takwa-bay (again with the spelling ) and it was very nice. If you could get past the whole having to go to, and come back from the beach by boat part of the experience. Don’t know the present state of that beach now though.

  2. Yeah, I think the place is really decent. Changed my previously unfavourable opinion about beaches here in naija. Clean air, good vibes, and didn’t have a lot of the typical peddlers. Great stuff!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Nice to see a place like this in Lagos.
    On what you’re doing post house-job and having/not having a “focused/deep” answer, I get it. I think you shouldn’t put any pressure on yourself but at the same time don’t be complacent. So far, you have done well for yourself so it’s ok if you want to take some time to do other stuff and please add me to the list of new friends you’re meeting. Thanks. 😀😉

  4. Been there once and it’s really nice. Al’Jameirah (I don’t know if i spelt it right) beach is also very cool, not so crowded and dirty, it’s in Ajah, i think it’s after Atican beach, been there twice and i can say it’s wonderful every other beach I’ve been to is just “typical Naija beach”; dirty and over crowded and the worst of all is Suntan beach, ugh 😑
    Nice pictures btw❤️

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