Two months….

You guys! I have two months left and i'm done with house job. I'm so excited!!! I'm officially starting a countdown. I can't wait. It feels like i started just yesterday. It really went by quickly. I remember feeling some type of way about moving to Ibadan. I remember the orientation process and my first... Continue Reading →


Life! Oh wait…..

How's it going guys? I'm currently typing this in my room and i'm on call. My call has been okay. So far, so good. I am half way done with my surgery posting! I am almost done with housejob y'all! Isn't that crazy? I can now sort of say i'm in a long distance relationship.... Continue Reading →

6 months….

So.... Can y'all believe it's been six months already since I started housejob??? I can actually. Ive basically stopped blogging, reading non medical books, going out and doing so many other things I love. The whole process has been exhausting but I can't complain because I met the most amazing person in this mess of... Continue Reading →

Hey guys! How's it going? Happy new month! Second half of the year already and I'm hoping it's better than the first. June was alright... It made me realize how nice I really am and how people especially Nigerians don't appreciate nice people. Finally moved to Ibadan and I already made a new friend thanks... Continue Reading →

Hello June | Catch up

Hey guys! How's it going?! It's June already! Where is 2016 flying to tho? I would've been so much happier with this year flying thing if I was doing my housejob but it's all good sha! About the house job. I don't know if you remember I said I was going for another exam for... Continue Reading →

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