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Hey guys! How’s it going?! It’s June already! Where is 2016 flying to tho? I would’ve been so much happier with this year flying thing if I was doing my housejob but it’s all good sha!

About the house job. I don’t know if you remember I said I was going for another exam for another hospital. Anyway, I got through to the interview level and guess what!?. Well, I got in but the not so good news is like the other offer, I don’t get to start as soon as possible but hey! At least my name is on the list. So progress!

Titi is traveling on Friday! So jealous! We actually were supposed to travel together but I went earlier in March with my parents instead. Many more trips to come sha and she’ll keep y’all updated on her trip… Hopefully.

Speaking of Titi, she finished her exams today! Whoop! She has taken over my laptop. So I’m currently typing this with my phone.

This post was supposed to be about May! :/
May was actually not a bad month. I didn’t do much but I made new friends so yay to that!, I went for the Socialiga opening thing but I didn’t take a lot of pictures. I actually took like 4 pictures. It was so hot and I was just not in the mood tbh as the Uber driver thay drove us there took us all over lekki and we got lost so we were obviously late. We ended up paying almost N3,000 from Agungi to lekki phase 1.





So, I’ve gotten to that stage where its like my hair is not growing and I’m actually considering cutting it all off again.

The heat in Lagos is unreal despite the heavy rain every other day. I sha decided to do a short hairstyle (pixie cut). I was nervous because I have a round face in case you haven’t noticed and I just did not think it’ll look good on me but hey, no one has said anything bad so far. So yay!
What do you think? Yay or Nay?


Lesson learned in May: Not everyone has your back. At the end of the day, no one’s got your back like you! Even close friends and family.

(Socialiga Game Day 2 is on Sunday, 12th June 2016)… It’ll be a good way to relax after church on Sunday.
I hope you’re having a good week! Stay blessed!



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