What were you doing when you were 12?

Hello! Happy Sunday guys! I hope you’re having a lovely day so far. Church service was great today. So, I’m not rocking my fro any more. Oh gosh! NO! I DID NOT CUT MY HAIR!! I have yarn locs on right now and guess who did it? My little cousin. She’s 12 years old you guys!!

I think I’m in love with yarn/wool/whatever you call it. I barely use attachments because my hair is natural and by day 2, my hair starts coming out and by week 1, the hair is already a hot mess. Anyway, we started off with twists but that did not go so well because they were untwisting and looking old. I’m not a huge fan of yarn braids so, I went with the next option; faux locs.

I’ve done faux locs once in my life (last year August?) and to be honest, I made up my mind that I was never going to do that to myself again. I legit couldn’t move my neck for about two weeks, I could not sleep properly because pain. It’s weird cuz when  the lady was doing it, it wasn’t so painful but the moment she finished the whole thing, I was close to tears like who sent me message?

Back to the gist, so my cousin did about half the hair on Friday evening and finished it on Saturday. It turned out really good actually and I was impressed. Most importantly, it doesn’t hurt and I can sleep with my head on my pillow. Here are some pictures of the process/finished product.









What was I even doing with my life when I was 12 years old?? Hmm

Moral of this very cool story/post is Find out what the little ones around you like doing and help them practice. Of course, school is important but let them develop their skills. My cousin is always doing something with her hair and of course I had to let her practice with my hair! She’s my new hairdresser now. 😉


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