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Hi guys,

It might not be out of place to say “Happy New Year” because it’s been more than a minute and I feel like i am messing up badly with the blog. Some of you might not even know I co-own this with Tosin because since you hooked up with us, you’ve not seen posts from me. Truth is, I’m sorry and I really need to fix up.

But thank God for Tosin always holding it down for us.

Life has come at me real quick this year and I’ve been major busy lately, shuffling between work, my exams, planning my vacation, weddings(not mine) and my minor eye operation (Yes that happened).

Some days (most days actually), I wake up and wish I was a teenager again with no cares in the world, asides the stress of deciding what to wear to class (if I feel like going). What I’ll give to have such “problems” again.

Ah well, enough whining from me right? Today. we’re talking about our wish list and girl, my list is longer than the Revenant movie but I’ll narrow it down to these few. If you want to be my angel and make a wish come true, contact me, no really, contact me.

1.A 64Gb Iphone 

Seriously what was i thinking buying a 16GB iphone?  The struggle is real constantly thinking of what to delete for space sake.


2. A MacBook 

I have always wanted one and my current laptop is quite old, so why not?



3. Dollars.

Lmao yes dollars! If you have dollars that you are not using and you can sell to me at interbank rate because nobody buying black market at that ridiculous rate. I am travelling in few weeks and getting FX from banks is harder than fitting an elephant through a needle eye..


4. Fuel.

Lol please take me serious. A big gallon/drum of fuel will definitely go a long way in my life, car and generator.

5. A camera.

I really need one, I am still thinking of how to steal Tosin’s  for my trip. If you have any suggestions on how I can achieve that, hola in the comments 😉


I think that’s it for now. It’s a pretty simple list, right? See you soon (hopefully, it won’t be in about 3 months)

Tosin’s wishlist will be up by Saturday! 🙂 We decided to do different posts because we didn’t want this post to be really long. I personally don’t like reading long ass posts.

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