3 Best Spots for Breakfast in Lagos

3 Best Spots for Breakfast in Lagos

Hi guys,

Thank God It’s Friday! And I mean this with all thankfulness and sincerity! What a week it has been! Sometimes, I wish we could have 4-day work weeks (with one day to work from home), and then 3-day weekends. But for now, I’ll manage this till change comes.

Right. On to our discourse topic today – It’s generally said that breakfast makes or breaks your day. I mean I understand this, because it’s the first meal of your day so it pretty much sets the tone for how your day turns out. Say for instance, you have a full English breakfast, you can expect quite a colorful, nutritious day ahead compared to having yesterday’s unfresh bread. You get? lol. Well, all I’m trying to do is make your day even better.

So today, I’ll be sharing three of my favorite breakfast spots in lagos.

When picking these restaurants, some factors considered were the taste of the food (duhhh this is major key), customer service, presentation of food ( because flatlays must fly), Ambience of restaurant/Picturesque (because you gotta look pretty for the gram while at it) and affordability (because, I’m not trying to wreck you).

They all made the cut putting all my factors to the test, so without further ado and in no particular order, let’s get to it.

Cafe Jade Lagos – Located in lekki, Cafe Jade gives off a homely intimate vibe that is perfect for breakfast.

Crust and Cream – Crust and Cream never dissapoints, they’re consistent with everything. I also love that there’s the outdoor space with a rustic decor or the indoor space which is pretty cute too. They also have a wide menu that can satisfy all your breakfast cravings.

Cactus – An old time fav that is definitely dynamic enough to still be listed with new restaurants.Enjoy your breakfast with a sea sde view. It doesn’t hurt that they are quite generous with their portions.

Have you visited any of these restaurants? What are some of your favorite breakfast restaurant? Share with me, I’ll love to visit and maybe they’ll make it to my list.



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  1. These 3 are spot on. Crust and Cream is one of my favourite restaurants in Lagos. I like the wide variety of options and the consistency.

  2. I love this article because it’s brief and concise. I would have really loved if you added a price range or average budget because affordability has a different meaning to everyone. Lol.
    Have you been to Sea Lounge or Beleful Republic?

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