Restaurant Review – Z KITCHEN

Restaurant Review – Z KITCHEN

A major number of the restaurants we visit (including Z Kitchen) are ‘discovered’ on Instagram, however, as is with IG locations, representation is hardly ever detailed and it’s a major challenge to make decisons based on pictures (because, appearances can be deceitful). This is why, to the best of our ability, we try to help your decision with our candid opinions, hoping at the end of the day, you get value for your money.

Still worth mentioning, that our opinion is exactly that – our opinion 🙂

Without further ado, let’s get right into why we loved Z Kitchen.

Z kitchen wasn’t hard to locate as it is situated on the quite popular Saka Tinubu in Victoria Island. Saka Tinubu is generally known as the “computer village” of the Island as you can get all sorts of phone and PC issues sorted around the area.

Ambience – We absolutely loved the ambience as It was really calm and lovely. Even though we opted to sit at the outdoor area, it took nothing away from the general experience. We would totally go back there for the beautiful space. They didn’t go overboard with the decor and it gave off a classy vibe. We gave this a solid 5/5

Food- We had chicken wings, lamb balls and fries. Titi loved the wings but I wasn’t too keen on them. Fried chicken wings are not my thing and I wasn’t too impressed with the menu as It seemed to lack variety. We will give this 3/5 because the food didn’t taste horrible and presentation was great.

Staff- They were all very nice and polite.They gladly took our pictures when asked.We gave this 4/5

Price – It’s advisable to go being aware you’ll spend money. It’s a little above the average prices you’d expect from a restaurant on the island

Pros – Beautiful decor, nice ambience, friendly staff.

Cons- Pricing is above the average.

Z Kitchen is quite spacious and will be perfect for a private dinner or anniversary.

Have you visited Z Kitchen? What restaurant will you recommend we visit.

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Titi & Tosin


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