Hey guys!

How is it going?

So we obviously have not been taking the blog seriously and we are sure most of you are like it’s supposed to be life with two tees, two sisters but somehow one of them disappeared! LOL

Don’t worry guys! She’s back!

What were we up to in August???

– I was officially done with housemanship/housejob. I blogged about my experience here and Medicine in Nigeria.

– My friends and I celebrated Kemi’s birthday just before I left Ibadan. We all decided to sew Ankara tops, go out, eat good food and take pictures. We are so extra! I love it.

Kemi is the second on the right btw

– Titi’s bridal shower happened and it was great because the decor and cupcake toppers were DIY inspired. Shalla to those that thought and said it’d be trash. How you feeling now? SHADE. We blogged about the DIY cupcake toppers, you can read it here.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Titi got married!!!! It was such a busy but fun day. Started off with her her traditional marriage ceremony in the morning, then church wedding and the reception to end it all. The party was still on till 10pm. Only a Lagos wedding ends at 10pm or even later.

– I read two very interesting books in August. Shopaholic & Sister – Sophie Kinsella and Just One Look -Harlan Coben. I will most definitely be writing a review on Just One Look. It was a very intriguing book.

Titi is coming back! Yes! She’ll be blogging about her wedding prep and tips on dealing with the pre wedding stress. Watch out for that! We’re so excited! Omgosh


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6 thoughts on “August

  1. Welcome back. Fingers crossed on all these yummy posts loading so yeah, movement. Shalla on those close up photos btw, you guys look flawless. ❤️

  2. Set Babes everywhere though.

    Seems like fun. Wish guys would actually have fun with Bachelor Nights sometimes, than rush towards sexual gratification.

    The Nacks Are Not Running Anywhere!

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