DIY | Cupcake toppers 

So the Saturday before the wedding was Titi’s aka Nikky’s bridal shower and thank God it was a success because it seemed ridiculous to plan a bridal shower without spending a ridiculous amount of money.

This diy post was inspired by Pinterest and @whogomake (IG).

So here is how I achieved this

First thing is to look for ideas for the design. What exactly do you want the toppers to look like, what you want printed on them and colors. Pinterest came through for this! There were lots of printable designs. Microsoft word also came through for the editing.

I initially wanted a pink background to go with the pink/sparkle theme but I realized it won’t look great on pink cupcakes.

Anyway, Once you’re done with the design, all you have to do is print them and cut them.

Once you’re done cutting, it’ll look like this

Then you get your toothpicks and the best glue ever!

Simply  glue the toothpick to the back of the topper.

And there you have it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to leave a comment and share your fav DIY bloggers. Totally into this DIY thing now.



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