Titles are overrated.

Hey wonderful blog readers, How’s it going? I’ve Been learning to forgive and it’s sooo hard. Sigh How do y’all forgive people easily? I just can’t be bothered with people that annoy me and do things to upset me. I’m just too lazy and tired to actually forgive but I know I gotta forgive. It’s easier said than done. One of the things I’m working on this year. Pray with me!

I went with my sister to register her MTN  sim. They are giving people free credit for registering their sims.  Lol we got to the office close to my house and it was so packed, I thought something else was going on. We couldn’t stay because it was so hot and there were over 30 people waiting to register. They might have to keep that credit and sim card at this point. (P.S – It was too crowded inside they had to put a canopy outside. On top sim card.)


I went out with my camera and oh my goodness! Lagosians are not camera friendly or maybe they just think ‘who and why is this small girl carrying camera up and down?’   I got asked if I was a reporter at some point. Sigh

Then this guy randomly asked me to take a picture of him. Which he requested for after…. Lol I had to break it to him that I won’t be able to go print it out but I’ll put it on my blog… That should count for something right? Lmao






Then we went to a store and on the way out realized the cool wall and took some pictures and we walked home. Oh I met these kids that kept shouting ‘Aunty, Snap us! Snap us!’ Sadly, I was on the other side of the road and wasn’t able to get a great shot with all the cars and keke napeps everywhere or maybe I’m just not that good at this picture taking thing.  😂


And then we went home!


As I walked in, my mother recognized her bag but of course she had to be indirect/sarcastic about it and said ‘That bag of yours is very familiar o’ LMAO. I replied ‘That’s because it’s yours’ 😉 Moral of this very cool story —>

  1. Sometimes you gotta take your mom’s bag to complete your outfit.
  2. Mtn people can be slightly ridiculous.
  3. Don’t walk around with a camera if you don’t want people to stare unnecessarily.

P.S – I’m still rocking the hair my 12 years old cousin did o. You can read about it Here . I might be back to my fro this week sha. People are starting to lowkey insult me but then i tell them the story behind it and they’re all like ‘Awww’.


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