Exploring | Outside Lagos (1)

Hey guys! So, as you all know I (Tosin) am jobless atm. So you’re probably thinking I have a lot of time to go about, explore, meet people, enjoy my life. Sadly, I leave my house once a week. Two times if something comes up and I really really need to go. My parents probably think I’m depressed because I spend my day locked in my room reading books (mostly non medical books), watching movies, listening to podcasts ( I recently just started listening to podcasts and OMG! What have I been doing with my life? I love it! – Feel free to recommend some in the comments section below. Thanks)

Ok enough to about my not so interesting life.

I went out of Lagos last week. That’s something right? At this rate, I might start hitting people outside Lagos up to ask if I can stay with them for a week. Change of environment is good! Here are some pictures I tried to take while inside a moving car. My mom took the pictures of me.

P.S – One tanker or trailer or whatever the hell they’re called almost caught fire. It was carrying fuel. So they had to stop cars  till it cooled down. Please, Lagos is stressful. Ordinary small trip, you’ll almost die. I thank God everyday for his protection.




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