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Hi guys,Can we take a minute to talk about this sun, like what exactly is going on? Lagos sun is not normal, It’s not even trying to chill (I’m so funny I know). One minute you’re all warm, next minute, you step out and become 3 minute barbecue.

It was quite the weekend and that’s lowkey why this post is late – see, I had a big fight with bae, lol but we good now. What doesn’t kill you they say… right? Anyways that’s not why we are here.

I consider myself a person that loves to support start-ups, that is why I’m always buying one thing or the other. Last week was another week of purchases; I experimented with two clients and experienced two completely opposite sides of customer service. One was almost amazing and the other was, well, probably angry with her life – that is the only justification for such a lousy attitude. This triggered my decision to write on customer service in Nigeria.

As a customer in Nigeria, 80 percent of services I receive are poor. Nigerians act like they are doing you a favor while selling their products/services to you. I mean, I understand you have something I want/need but guess what? I’m paying for it, so how about we both treat each other with respect and leave happy?

Oh well, my ten simple tips on customer service.

1. Respond to any/every enquiry timely and be courteous while doing it.

2. Customer is king ALWAYS.

3. Customers may be rude, but you don’t need to react to that. Make excuses for their rudeness.

4. If for any reason you can’t deliver on the product/services promised, Get in touch as soon as possible and apologize.

10. Always thank the customer after any/all interactions.

Yup, You can’t count.

I am not gonna lecture you for free am I?




2 thoughts on “Customer Service

  1. Hi Titi, great post. Simple, witty and passed across a message or two.

    Personally, I have an issue with customer service in Nigeria. Wish something could be done about it. I try to educate people though and try not to be the rude customer (that’s if the service is not below expectation).

    would definitely visit your blog again.

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