30 Day Challenge

Hello everyone, How has the weekend been? church today? Nah i couldn’t make it (don’t judge me), I had a long, emotional week. But anyway, here’s wishing everyone a better month. Its November and that means just a month to Christmas! Looking forward to that.
So based on the way my week went, i felt I needed a distraction to put me in a better place and i found this 30 day blog challenge. I also found a 30 day happiness challenge that i will personally be engaged in. I think they’re both fun.

Right, this means we will be embarking on the 30 day blogging challenge as well as the 30 day happiness challenge. The blog challenge starts tonight, however we won’t be sharing the happiness challenge on the blog but hey feel free to partake in it.

 So here goes:

 Day 1, Your blog’s name. Life with two tees. You already get what that means yeah? Our life.. Two tees… Tosin and Titi.



4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge

  1. Hi guys,

    I somehow stumbled on this blog and I must say, I’m glad I did. I love reading so I actually go searching for blogs everywhere to jump on (creepy I know). I find this one interesting and enthralling (as I keep wondering if both of y’all take turns to type).

    Anyway, I like the 30day blogging challenge and I hope y’all won’t mind if I participate.

    I recently just started blogging too, so happy to share it.

    My name is Abdul by the way

    1. Hi, yes please share with us on the comment section. 💪💪💪 and yes we take turns, i (Titi) am the extremely busy one, so more Tosin and Titi, but i am determined to do better. -Titi

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