Hey yall. We are clearly not doing this challenge everyday. Shame on us. I hope you all are having/had a good day! It’s day 10 – Best trip of your life!

Lol You’d think that this was going to be a difficult question to answer.  See, I’ve been on quite a number of trips, picking one ought to be a chore but not exactly.

My best trip (so far, because there’s still a lot ahead) gotta be visiting Dominica. If you want a wild summer, then that is the place to be. Alcohol, sun, bikini, food. So many fun memories with my sisters. I desire to visit again someday to create new memories. In the meantime, I will try to look for pictures from that trip to post)
Meanwhile, I am looking forward to the trips that 2016 holds. I know they’re going to be so lit. I plan to go on a cruise to different islands. Let’s see how that goes. (fingers crossed)

I’ve been on so many trips mostly with my sisters. I can’t even decide on which one deserves the title ‘Best trip of my life’. In 2010, my sisters and I spent our summer holiday in London. Titi was studying in a different country back then so we didn’t get to chance to be together and hang out as sisters. A trip I remember quite well which happens to be one of my favorite trips was when my eldest sister Gbemi and I traveled to Barbados. We were both in med school in Dominica then and whenever we had to get the UK visa, we had to travel to Barbados because the embassy is there. I remember arriving in the apartment we rented. we were excited to be in Barbados. We took so many pictures. It is such a beautiful island and you guys should totally visit. After we finished with the visa stuff we decided to explore the town. Lmao We were walking around like tourist for like two hours, we were so lost. We finally located this amazing beach. We were in Barbados during the agricultural festival (I think). We saw different plants/animals. We went horse back riding. The day before we left the island we went for a Soca/Calypso show and it was so cool. I think that was when i fell in love with Soca and Calypso music. It was a really good trip. We got the UK visa and we were able to travel to London spend the summer break with Titi. I will look for pictures from this trip. It’s somewhere in Gbemi’s laptop.


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