Hello! How una dey? Today  has been great so far. The only thing I don’t understand is the heat in Lagos. I’m not even overreacting or anything but damn! I got like 10 shades darker! Today, we are talking about our top 10 favorite food.

Food! I think I’m in love with the idea of food than food itself, if that makes sense. So basically, I see images of well served food and I go ‘YUM!’; put the same plate before me and I might likely struggle to finish it.  But anyway, here goes my ten favorite foods in no particular order.

  1. Chinese food. I can never get tired of my special fried rice and chicken in hot chilli sauce. Yum!
  2. Spicy noodles. OMG!!! When cooked properly with vegetables, diced pepper and served with a cold bottle of coke. Say no more.
  3. White rice, plantain and stew. Best for Sunday afternoon.
  4. English breakfast, potatoes, bacon, baked beans, eggs, sausages. Lol. I’ll have this every morning.
  5. Pizza. Yes, Pizza. With extra cheese and pepperoni.
  6. Amala, ewedu and gbegiri. I don’t eat this often out of respect and love for the food. Oh I forgot to add ‘inu eran’. Yoruba dishes are amazing and it will be hard to explain properly. Just gotta taste it to understand this.
  7. Hot dog. Lol Give me hot dog and I will marry you. (Not sexual)
  8. Ice Cream. Excuse me, you don’t think ice cream is food? please DPMO.
  9. Salad, served alone or with rice. I don’t care. Salad is bae and healthy.
  10. Eba. Hot eba with okro soup. Yum! Another Sunday afternoon, after church special.
  • TITI

I love food and I am super grateful for good genes. I would’ve been dealing with obesity by now with the things I eat! My appetite is usually all over the place. One day, I’m eating 6 times. The next day, I’m eating once. I love food so much I created a Food blog on tumblr like 4 years ago. WARNING!!! (Don’t check it out if you’re hungry!!!!!)  Anyway, my 10 favorite foods in no particular order.

  1. Garri, very cold water, sugar and groundnut. Oh lord. Best thing ever when you get back home after a hot day in Lagos!
  2. Pounded yam + Egusi/Efo elegusi (aka egusi + vegetable) with all sorts of meat. (This my favorite soup to cook. So easy and delicious)
  3. Cheese burger! McDonald’s cheese burger is bae.
  4. Ofada rice and stew. I’m getting hungry already. Yum!
  5. Spaghetti and meatballs.
  6. Jollof rice. Party jollof rice + fried beef + cold coke/Fanta.
  7. Fried yam/ Roasted breadfruit + Ata dindin. Living in the Caribbean made me discover/fall in love with bread fruit.
  8. Good ole peanut butter and jelly sandwich. There was a time in my life when I had this for breakfast everyday for like a month.
  9. Chinese food. I always used to get White rice with black bean sauce. I have trust issues when it comes to Chinese food so I get the same thing all the time. I need try other things on the menu!
  10. Hot akara and Agege bread. Perfect Saturday morning food.

If you’ve not tried these foods then I’m sorry to break it to you but you need to step your food game up!




3 thoughts on “DAY 11 – 30 DAY BLOGGING CHALLENGE

  1. My top 10 food in no particular order..

    1. JOLLOF RICE and plantain (this had to come first, I mean its JOLLOF) Lol
    3. Rice and beans
    4. Amala and abula (ewedu+gbegiri)
    5. Eba and afang soup with plenty periwinkles
    6. Waina (masa) with vegetables
    7. Bread and akara or beans + chilled coke
    8. Yam porridge with vegetables and plenty fish
    9. Boli and palm oiled stew with roasted fish with + chilled coke
    10. Shawarma/ yahuza chicken /pizza and random mede medes

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