Hello everyone! I hope y’all are doing okay. So, as you all know we started the 30 day blogging challenge yesterday. We hope we don’t get too busy and forget this thing sha.

Today is day 2! (20 facts about you) Whoop! Enjoy and feel free to share yours in the comment section.


  1. I am addicted to tv shows
  2. Apple juice > Any juice
  3. I over think everything
  4. I love to shop
  5. I go from zero to hundred real quick (working on that)
  6. I love Chinese food
  7. I can’t do without the internet
  8. Selfie Queen
  9. I suck at singing
  10. I am quite the dancer
  11. I like my noodles extra spicy
  12. Rihnavy
  13. Business oriented… I love to make money
  14. I am scared of rats
  15. My closet is always full.. Never enough space
  16. My favourite colour is purple but I really don’t own items in that colour.
  17. Pierced and tatted
  18. I own more heels than flats
  19. Team natural hair
  20. I love mathematics


  1. I love reading
  2. I am too opinionated (I feel like I need to tone this down a bit)
  3. I love God
  4. I can wear tee shirts and jeans forever if i’m allowed
  5. I love flats. (I literally just started wearing heels)
  6. I am obsessed with braids (All kinds and styles).
  7. I love anything black. My mother legit thinks I have a problem.
  8. I can live on noodles. (If you’re a medical student, this shouldn’t be shocking)
  9. I get irritated easily by people
  10. I am extremely picky when it comes to food. This is probably why I’m so skinny.
  11. I don’t give people more than two chances before I cut them off. (Not good. I know.)
  12. I stare a lot. (Not that creepy stare o!)
  13. I can spend 10 hours a day watching You tube videos if you let me.
  14. I hate clubbing. Ew.
  15. I absolutley love Soca music. If you don’t know anything about Soca music, Youtube Machel Montano abeg.
  16. The beach is my favourite place ever.
  17. Ribena > any drink on earth.
  18. I over stress about little things and end up annoying everyone around me.
  19. I love road trips.
  20. My favourite statement is ‘You will be alright eventually.’

7 thoughts on “DAY 2- 30 DAY BLOGGING CHALLENGE

  1. Hey guys….nice blog awesome look alike sisters….ok some random things about me.
    1. I’m a very creative person.
    2. I don’t like cooking lol I wish I could help myself.
    3. I love games and sports table tennis my favourite. but I can’t run to save my life.
    4. I can procrastinate for Africa I really need to change that.
    5. I think I will be a strict mom lol but I hope not to be the typical nigerian parent.
    6. Oh I love God proudly Catholic.
    7. I love to sing should have been in the choir but yea no time lol excuses
    8. The only part of my job I love is counselling.
    9. I don’t like loud people like how can you talk nonstop for 5 hours.
    10. I love to make friends but apparently I don’t look friendly.

  2. Hi titi and tosin,

    thanks for letting me be part of this challenge. so 20 things about me…

    1. i LOVE food (notice the caps)
    2. I’m a movie buff ( I could watch movie/TV shows till Jesus comes)
    3. I can spend my entire savings on perfumes or watch
    4. I hate onions in my food (I stay picking them out one by one)
    5. I’m great with kids and love em (I’d cash out being a babysitter)
    6. I think Beyonce is overrated. rihanna > beyon..
    7. I over think a lot
    8. I’m extremely reclusive (addicted to my own company)
    9. I’m a hopeless romantic (even tho I act like my heart is made of stone)
    10. I love dogs more than humans (people can be annoying)
    11. I can’t stand people that snore
    12. I’m quite the fashionista (too broke to look it) lol
    13. I can’t catch a chicken to save my life (hate how they flap their feathers)
    14. I procrastinate a lot (working on it)
    15. dancing makes me happy
    16. I’m too gentle/easygoing for my own good (the world is a cruel place)
    17. I hate taking pictures (it does me no justice + I don’t know how to pose)
    18. I love traveling. (want to travel all over the world before I die) maybe not all
    19. I think pounded yam is overrated
    20. I’m still searching for my talent

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