Hey y’all! How are you guys doing? It’s almost Friday! So excited for this weekend partly because Titi and I would be attending a wedding together. Weirdly, we don’t attend a lot of weddings together. I’m not too sure why. Lol. I am sure Titi is not so excited about Saturday though as they told her to be at work from 9-12noon. I’m not sure if they’re actually trying to kill her. They’re a bit too demanding. Ahn! I am not looking forward to Friday though because I’ve got a Dentist appointment and we all know how that goes! Bleh.

Anyway, today’s challenge is to list 5 current goals.


I already mentally listed like 8 goals but here are my top 5 goals.

  1. To be closer to God. A great relationship with God is everything and I need to do better.
  2. To switch department/job. I am tired of my current department at work. (P.S- If you can help, please let me know so I can forward my CV).
  3. To plan my vacation for next year. Yes, I have to start putting things in place to make this trip awesome.
  4. To pass my exams. I have some professional exams to write next month and I am lowkey worried because I haven’t been studying like I should. Sigh
  5. To perfect my driving. I learnt how to drive like 2 years ago but didn’t practice much but it’s becoming a necessity so I got someone to drive me and teach me for a month. Hopefully, I have not forgotten everything.


  1. Get closer to God. This is already going well and I’m definitely happy about it.
  2. Get a job. I need to start working soon but this Housejob/Internship hunt thing is not for the weak o.
  3. Travel the world. Okay, maybe this won’t happen soon but it is definitely a goal for me. I mean, If I don’t even travel the world, I should be able to travel to most African countries.
  4. Do some professional exams.
  5. Be more social. Go out, meet people and make friends.

Feel free to share your goals in the comments section! We would love to read them and maybe typing/writing them out will actually help you stay motivated! Maybe. 🙂


5 thoughts on “DAY 8 – 30 DAY BLOGGING CHALLENGE

  1. Hi guys,

    My current five goals..

    1. Learn a foreign language. (between French, German and Spanish)
    2. Add a few more skills to my portfolio
    3. To improve on being a better person for myself, family, friends and society (work on my flaws and stuff)
    4. Work on my health/fitness ( gym & eating healthy)
    5. Be happy again

  2. Hey guys… so my top five goals are.
    1.have a better relationship with God i really want progress on this one.
    2.i want abs…like is it too much to ask for finally bought running shoes sha so I guess I’m ready now.
    3.currently learning French I hope I don’t get tired and give up anyways j’aime Titi et Tosin.
    4.learning how to sew and it’s pretty interesting but I need a sewing machine I don’t feel like using my money for that one. Pls someone should invest in me
    5.need to make a very important decision before January.

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