Hey wonderful blog readers. TGIF!!  I went to the dentist’s office today! But guess what? They told me whatever they were expecting from the lab is not ready so I had to reschedule. I was a bit annoyed cuz I had to wake up early to go there because Lagos traffic.

Day 9- What’s in your bag?

My bag is usually not heavy except I’m planning to sleep over at Titi’s place. I basically just carry the essential stuff. I took this picture in the car on my way to the dentist’s office.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
  1. Wallet
  2. Umbrella
  3. Hand sanitizer
  4. Mac Studio fix powder
  5. Cheque book
  6. Novel; ‘I don’t know how she does it – Allison Pearson’
  7. Lipstain
  8. Key
  9. Blackberry playbook ( Gotta be ready for lagos traffic)
  10. Biro
  11. Lip balm
  12. Ring (I always somehow end up removing the Rings I wear. Weird)
  13. Note pad
  14. Dental clinic card.
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

My bag is always heavy (I think I got that from my mom). I carry unnecessary stuff everywhere. I am making conscious efforts to stop this habit and I see improvements daily. I had to take the picture at work. Oh btw, you will find all these in my bag on a normal day;

  1. Wallet
  2. Mac Studio fix powder
  3. Vaseline lip balm
  4. Work ID card
  5. Lipsticks
  6. Car key
  7. Hair brush
  8. Iphone charger
  9. Earphones
  10. Scarf
  11. Perfume
  12. Diary
  13. Glasses
  14. Bangles

What’s usually in your bag ladies?  Share with us in the comments section below.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Day 9 – 30 DAY BLOGGING CHALLENGE

  1. Hey y’all

    I’m assuming this would mean, what’s in the wallet for men right?

    1. Money
    2. ATM cards
    3. ID cards
    4. passport photograph
    5. Complimentary cards
    6. Receipt
    7. Condom

  2. My bag is usually heavy. The only time I dont carry the world around with me is when I go out with a clutch bag. Snacks, note pad, perfume, flip-flop, mouthwash, baby wipes, small size food bowl are some of the things you’ll find in my bag– people come around my bag like it’s a convenient store.

  3. My bag is a ridiculous place. You can do a almost anything from it. I always have a small mirror, wallet, cardholder, a notebook, pen, house & car keys, harddrive, sweets/gum, lipsticks, usb cable, phone charger and receipts from 2011

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