Hello February!


Hey guys! How’s it going? I hope everyone is having a good day. I’m so happy January finally ended. Longest month ever. Since i’m pretty much always home except something important comes up, I’ve gotten so lazy. Now I spend my time watching tv shows, cleaning my room, sleeping, and eating (I should totally do a weekly photo post about the food I eat).

January was a tough month. It was such a weird drama-filled month. Ugh. I just had a shitty month but I wanna be positive. Things that kept me entertained.

  1. Married at first sight. I just started watching it. I downloaded it out of curiosity and boredom. I really don’t know what to say. I just want to ask all of them.. ‘wyd?’. It is interesting tho to meet someone for the first time and marry them. I would never be able to do that. I’m all for adventures but I don’t joke with marriage. Would you marry someone at first sight? 
  2. Heroes Reborn. If you watched Heroes years ago, then you’d like this show. It’s sort of like a continuation. At first, I wasn’t feeling it at all but I decided to keep watching. I loved Heroes so much and that love made me continue. By the time I got to episode 4, I was already in love. So if you’re into supernatural powers and all that, then you might enjoy this show. If you watched Heroes, then you’ll definitely like it.
  3. Shameless. This is probably my favourite show ever. Ok maybe not favourite but top five for sure. I love how raw and real the show is. I always find myself laughing whenever I watch it. It displays bad parenting in such a funny way. Currently on Season 6 so if you’re going to fully enjoy and understand it, you might have to watch it from the beginning. Long thing, I know. It’s worth it though.
  4. Scorpion. I’ve had the whole season 1 in my laptop but I just somehow always ignore it or watch one episode and be done with it. I decided to give it a try again and I love it! I’m just so intrigued by how they think. Like is it even possible to be that smart? I think I’m in love with Walter O’Brien. I’ve always had a thing for really smart people. I’ve just never dated one. Lmao. No shade. The only negative thing about this show is that it’s very predictable. Weirdly, I don’t mind.

I absolutely love YouTube. I love vloggers. Most times I watch some of them, it just seems forced. I’m not judging because I know it’s probably awkward walking around talking to a camera. I absolutely love Jamie and Nikki. They don’t even make it seem like they’re walking around with a camera. They’re just so natural and real. Jamie’s editing skill is ridiculously amazing. They just welcomed their new baby girl to the world. It was so beautiful.

I also like SisiYemmie. I won’t lie though. Initially, I thought her vlogs were boring like I never finish watching. After she posted the video about the birth of her baby, I think I fell in love! She was so real and it was like YES SISI! That’s what I’ve been waiting for! I watch her weekly updates (I never  miss them) and I think she’s a great Nigerian vlogger. It’s not easy to vlog in Nigeria. I tried walking around with a camera and I just couldn’t.

I’m still trying to warm up to Adanna and David. If I watch like 5 of their vlogs, I’ll probably only enjoy 2. It just always seem so forced. I do like how consistent they are and how they both have a career and everything. They’re also expecting a baby boy. Maybe her vlogs will be better now.

My favorite Nigerian YouTuber has to be Bella – The Brownie Diaries. She is soooo hilarious and real. I just want to be her friend. LOL I have probably watched all her Youtube videos. Like you know when you’re watching a video and you’re just smiling and laughing throughout? Yeah, that’s how I am when I’m watching her videos.

I typically just watch vlogs on Youtube and a couple of funny and strange videos here and there. I recently started watching Vicky Logan. She makes videos about make-up and beauty stuff. I am in love with how flawless she looks and she makes it look so easy. I might finally start taking this make-up thing seriously. I also love that she put links to where she buys the products she uses.

We all know Shirley B. Eniang is bae. So i’ll just stop here.

  • Music
  1. I still haven’t listened to Rihanna’s new album. I’m so disappointed in myself for the lack of interest because I absolutely love Rihanna. I already have the album so i’ll find time to properly listen to it.
  2. Can we discuss how Hot Zayn is? Like sir, just chill with the hotness. I absolutely love this song – Pillowtalk. I love that his girlfriend is in the video. To all the people that said he’ll be a shit solo artist. How are y’all feeling right now?
  3. Coldplay – Hymn for the weekend. I’m probably the only person that isn’t addicted to this song. I love the video though. I probably have to listen to it more.
  4. I’ve been into gospel songs recently. I just always find myself singing/listening to gospel music. Kari Jobe – I am not alone is currently stuck in my head.

I hope you all are having a good week. 🙂 May February be better for all of us!



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