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Hey guys! How’s it going? I’ve been feeling down recently. Like everything is just weird. I’m tired. This is like a rant. Lowkey. Sorry. Lifestyle blog right? Not everytime outfit and gist, sometimes real life struggles.

So I’m literally still waiting to get called. I feel like if I don’t start working soon, I might lose my mind. I’m always home, in my room watching tv shows & movies. I would say I’m depressed lowkey but I reject it in my life in Jesus name abeg!

One would think that with the population of. nigeria, there will always be need for a doctor! First of all, if you’re planning to study Medicine or are already studying medicine and plan to work in Nigeria at some point in your life. Please think well ehn and have a plan!

  1. It’s a struggle to get into Med School here in Nigeria.
  2. When you finally get into Med School, they’re trying to frustrate your life and graduating is hectic.
  3. You finally graduate! Yay? Let’s say you’re a foreign trained Doctor like me. You have to write one exam here in Nigeria you know, just incase your degree is fake and shit. :/
  4. You finally pass the exam! Wonderful stuff eh? It’s a struggle to get a job. Every hospital have their own exam and interviews. So just imagine the amount of exams you have to write. Oh btw, they give you two years to get a spot for internship and finish it. If you don’t get a job within two years, (You’re proabably thinking ah ahn. How possible is that? Well, you’ll be shocked by the amount of jobless Doctors in this Country) you get an extra year to look for job. If you still don’t get a job (They’ve probably submitted your name in the village at this point because….) you have to write the exam again. :S Like oh we know you passed before but then the fact that you can’t get a job in three years probably means you’re just stupid or greedy because there’s a thing called Supra – Which I think is a smelling idea. (Where you work for free and they treat you like you’re getting paid)
  5. Let’s say you’re lucky and you get a job. Yay? You still have to deal with Consultants that can just decide to prolong that one year for you. You probably will start looking like struggle in a couple of months from the work.  I’ve heard weight loss stories because of housejob.
  6. Ok you’re finally done with Internship. Great stuff! You now have to serve our great nation Nigeria for a year. (If you’ve done this already. Lucky you!) Then there’s a chance you go from earning 170k naira to like less than 100k. (Don’t bother converting that to dollars. Ko worth e)
  7. You’re finally done with NYSC. By this time you’re probably like 30 years old or not sha. Shalla to the young Doctors out there! Now it’s time to marry! Jk. But now you have more exams to write to start residency. :/
  8. Now you pray that you get a spot for residency.

Let me stop here because I feel like a bunch of you are probably already like Nah. Not for me. I mean, I don’t have regrets but If somehow I’m able to turn back the hands of time, Medicine wouldn’t be my first choice. Tbh. I love it tho! If your dad or mom is a Doctor it’ll be easier for you!

Moral of this rant is you can get through it. All you need is ‘support’. It’s always amazing to have good friends ready to support and encourage you. I was on twitter recently and I saw this picture Nina Dobrev posted. I thought I should share with you wonderful people!

Honestly, is it even possible to do everything in this picture? 2016 goals to be honest! Let’s do this!! One step at a time. Feel free to join me! 🙂

(P.S- I’m really grateful for the readers of this blog. Thank you all so much for stopping by and reading posts like this! Feel free to comment and share your thoughts because I see y’all but You people won’t comment and let me know whats up! Fix up!)

Are you currently going through something similar? Let me know how you’re dealing with it.



7 thoughts on “Rants | Motivate me! 

  1. gurl, trust me, i knw ur struggle, cos i’m in it too. Nw lemme brk it dwn for u. Okay so u knw i studied Medical Laboratory Science. So i spent 7yrs studying a course dats suposed to b 5yrs,tanks to d asuu strikes (i wasnt studying medicine 4 crying out loud!) You’d tink after all d pains n struggles it takes to study medicals in a sch like mine (dey av a reputatn), it shouldnt b hard to get an internship placement rite? Ha! I av ‘toured’ (dats wat i call it) lotta places all cos of internship. Is it d long distance travelling stress,money,time wasted? forms, letters… hian! tank God for my fashion design(which i learnt during one of dose strikes btw) It kept me busy n fufilled on d one hand. bt dere were days d depression would hit me n i’d just lie in bed all day n tink of my life, wen i had loads of clothes to wrk on. I was able to get a job @ a private lab tanks to a frnd of dad’s who ownes two. to my utter surprise he even offered a gud pay compared to d peanuts been payed sum of my colleagues doin d temp tingy which most tyms would barely cover deir mnthly tfare wit sum change. n d worse part is dere r still thousands of us medical personnels scattered all over Niger still luking for a placement. So bae, u just gotta b strong, pray, seriously wrk @ it (na leg tins, we too plenty) n knw dat sooner dan later, u’ll def get a placement. Long writeup eh? n its just a summary #smiles

  2. Sending you e-hugs Miss. I also have a senior that graduated from my school last year and he talks about how he is tired of waiting at home..
    Don’t lose hope and keep believing. I’ll include you in my prayers. ☺

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