Top 5 things I’m loving right now….

Hey guys!! It’s been a whileeee! A lot has happened but that’s not even why I’m here. I actually  wanted to stop blogging at some point. I just wasn’t feeling the whole thing anymore. I can’t explain it.

That being said, I’m sorta back. I’m not promising not to disappear again soon.

Today, i’m sharing the top 5 things i’m currently loving.

  1. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s books. 


Now, I’ve been hearing about her and her books for years now. I’d not read any of her books before last week. I’ve heard such good things about them though and I know at some point, they even made a movie ‘Half of a yellow sun’ which I didn’t watch either even it had my fav (Genevieve) in it. I bought Americanah, Half of a yellow sun and The thing around your neck for N3,000 about two weeks ago. I’m currently reading Americanah and I love it so far.

      2. My basic trauma care course certificate.


LOL I’m so dramatic for including this considering I got this certificate last week. It was a three days course. I’m talking 8am to 6/7pm everyday. It was tiring and I was lowkey over it by the third day but when I thought of the money I spent and the fact that we had a triage scenario and practical sessions, I suddenly was interested again. (I got to practice endotracheal tube insertion, chest tube insertion, venous cut down, basic suturing and tracheostomy! So cool, I know!). The course was actually a compulsory requirement to start working in the hospital I got a job in. In my last post, I mentioned I had two offers in Lagos but the issue was I don’t get to start immediately. Guess who got another offer that same week? This girl over here. Back to the course, I actually said to myself when I heard it was compulsory ‘Ahn these people just want to take our money’! Boy was I wrong! I mean, yea they took our money but it was totally worth it and I think it’s something every young doctor should consider doing and I totally get why it’s compulsory.

Oh we got breakfast and Lunch everyday which was pretty dope. The whole point of the course is to help you handle and treat trauma patients/emergency situations better.

ONE QUICK TIP – In an emergency/chaotic situation, like a road traffic accident, the patients able to call/shout for help are usually more stable. I mean, if you don’t know anything, you’d know from your ABC of resuscitation that their airway is clear. You should pay attention to the quieter ones as they most likely require your help more. 

3. Cheap data. 

I’m not sure what exactly is going on but recently, phone networks have decided to have mercy on us and make our lives in Nigeria bearable. Data got cheaper like ridiculously cheaper. I was always complaining about how much I spend on data and how fast I finish it. I’ve used 2GB in one week according to MTN. :/ The only issue with this new development is the speed isn’t so great anymore. I heard MTN is actually not bad compared to the others sha. So yay MTN!

4. The weather

It’s rainy season here in Nigeria! Whoop! It’s not like I love rainy season so much but with the level of heat that hit us earlier this year, I’ll take this weather with a big smile on my face. I barely sweat anymore, I don’t necessarily have to sleep with the fan on… small blessings! The only issue is the drainage system in Lagos is a hot mess but I’m glad it’s exposing things/areas the government need to work on.  I heard from a reliable source that people on the island (Lekki – Ajah to be specific) are swimming to work every morning. LOL


I’ve always loved her Instagram posts even though I’m always jealous of the fact that she travels a lot and I remember telling her to start a blog because I thought it’d be interesting to hear about her trips. I was right!! Y’all should definitely go check out her blog. I can wait to travel the world tbh. I’m just waiting to Hammer (make money) first.



I hope y’all are having a great week! I’ll be at the Socialiga foundation cup this Saturday. Its happening at Children international school. Lekki. 🙂

(P.S- Did you know season 4 of Orange is the new black is out?)

– Tosin


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